Clean(ish): Eat (Mostly) Clean, Live (Mainly) Clean, and Unlock Your Body's Natural Ability to Self-Clean - book cover
Diseases & Physical Ailments
  • Publisher : St. Martin's Griffin
  • Published : 04 Jan 2022
  • Pages : 432
  • ISBN-10 : 125082415X
  • ISBN-13 : 9781250824158
  • Language : English

Clean(ish): Eat (Mostly) Clean, Live (Mainly) Clean, and Unlock Your Body's Natural Ability to Self-Clean

Clean(ish) leads readers to a focus on real foods and a healthier home environment free of obvious toxins, without fixating on perfection. By living clean(ish), our bodies' natural processes become streamlined and more effective, while we enjoy a vibrant life.

In Gin Stephens's New York Times bestseller Fast. Feast. Repeat., she showed you how to fast (completely) clean as part of an intermittent fasting lifestyle. Now, whether you're an intermittent faster or not, Gin shows you how to become clean(ish) where it counts: you'll learn how to shift your choices so you're not burdening your body with a bucket of chemicals, additives, and obesogens it wasn't designed to handle.

Instead of aiming for perfection (which is impossible) or changing everything at once (which is hard, and rarely leads to lasting results), you'll cut through the confusion, lose the fear, and embrace the freedom that comes from becoming clean(ish). As you learn how to lower your toxic load through small changes, smart swaps, and simple solutions, you'll evolve simply and naturally toward a clean(ish) lifestyle that works for your body and your life!

Readers Top Reviews

I have a genetic mutation which increases my risk for certain cancers by up to 90%. For me, Clean(ish) has been a Godsend. Gin’s approachable teaching style makes the “sciency” stuff easy to understand and she provides the tools and appropriate mindset which have enabled me to make better buying decisions when it comes to my personal care and household cleaning items which has brought peace of mind without obsession on perfection in my cancer prevention journey.
You know how SO MANY books that tell readers to be healthier somehow manage to make them feel bad about themselves? Toss ‘em all out. Clean(ish) is not one of those books. Finally, a book that respects you, and guides you—that also happens to be incredibly readable and enjoyable with info and gracious insight that can help you live better. Plus, the info is presented in easy-to-digest chunks. Probably the biggest difference with this book is that the author really respects the reader. She acknowledges that we are all trying to do our best with the info we have. Instead of bashing or negating what you’ve done in the past, she wants you to take your own experience and learn from them while hopefully learning from the life changing info she is giving you. The secret to this book is there’s no pressure—it’s enjoyable to read and the changes to live a better life are all within your grasp—as big or as small as you want to make them. Plus, she is living proof of how to improve your life. It’s really doable. I highly recommend.
I have read and followed Gin’s work with intermittent fasting, and her work has taught me how to truly improve my life. And now with Clean(ish) she has done it again! She is very upfront about the fact that she is an educator (with a doctoral degree), and a researcher, and not a medical doctor. However, Gin has done the work and the heavy lifting of distilling the information needed to make informed choices. Because she too is a regular person who, like many of us, wants to live a “cleanish” lifestyle. One of Gin’s greatest gifts is that she is a realist about progress over perfection. She also presents information in a conversational way that makes you feel like you’re talking to a friend. She shares her own personal journey, which I really appreciate. There is a lot of information here, backed up by a lot of research and scientific studies. She is very clear that she is presenting information that is accepted science, *not* fringe theoretical theories that haven’t been tested. This is important to me and I’m glad that Gin goes out of her way to explain this because I think we are all tired of being confused by hypothetical speculation. Consider this book a great resource if you want to take positive steps to make daily changes for your health that add up over time.
Emily J. DuBois
Love how this book doesn't just tell you use this, don't use that. It is about your journey to making better choices without becoming obsessive about it
Ross & Josi
I haven't finished it yet, but I already love the content. Gin has a gift for relaying science in an easily understandable and applicable way for the rest of us. I deeply appreciate her dedication & hard work. MY life is completely changed since I read her first book, and each one offers more insight! If you like having tons of information, and freedom to apply it to your life without the pressure of perfection, this is the Author for you, these are the books for you. 10/10 recommend.