Glitter Every Day: 365 Quotes from Women I Love - book cover
History & Criticism
  • Publisher : Henry Holt and Co.
  • Published : 02 Nov 2021
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN-10 : 125083239X
  • ISBN-13 : 9781250832399
  • Language : English

Glitter Every Day: 365 Quotes from Women I Love

The Instant New York Times Bestseller

From Andy Cohen, the New York Times bestselling author and host of Watch What Happens Live comes an inspiring collection of daily quotes from the larger-than-life women that defined his life, offering inspiration, affirmation, and (just enough) intoxication to make any day shine bright – the perfect gift for the holidays!

Andy Cohen has made a career, and a life, out of making the ordinary extraordinary. The inspiration for this fabulous view of the world has always come from the incredible women (from his mother to Madonna) he loves. In Glitter Every Day Andy shares his most needed words of wisdom from his favorite icons for every day, just in time to kick off the new year!

Andy not only gathers 365 sayings and quotes from the icons, thought leaders, Real Housewives and legendary celebs that fuel his fun, he writes about the people and experiences that have made him live one of the most joyous lives that any little boy growing up in St. Louis could dream of so that you can, too. And like Andy himself, Glitter Every Day is irresistible, infusing your day with a laugh, a pep talk and a shot(ski) of fun.

So pour a drink, put on your heels, and always remember to let yourself shine.

Readers Top Reviews

Lindsay BMy 2 centsv
Andy's book is made up of a quotations from celebrity women for everyday of the year. It is like a reading a affirmation book. That is it. I thought it would be filled with stories about his relationships with the Housewives.
Athena kates
Just as I imagined best quotes from divas and the way Andy puts a sparkle to each quote and a true fact about each diva is fabulous love it and have it on my cubby by my bedside to read each morning love love love