Hidden: An Exciting Novel of Suspense (A Lost and Found Novel) - book cover
Women's Fiction
  • Publisher : Zebra
  • Published : 24 Aug 2021
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN-10 : 1420152327
  • ISBN-13 : 9781420152326
  • Language : English

Hidden: An Exciting Novel of Suspense (A Lost and Found Novel)


A page-turning new story from the bestselling author of No Way Out, perfect for fans of Nora Roberts and Danielle Steel! Meet a brother and sister who are drawn into a treacherous mystery through an antique with a dark past, as they race against time to help a single mother and take down a ruthless couple bent on taking control of their family’s legacy…

At first glance, few would guess that Luna and Cullan Bodman are siblings. Cullan is efficient and serious while his younger sister Luna is a free spirit. When the two launch their furniture restoration shop/café—an offshoot of the family’s longtime antique business—in an up-and-coming arts center, little do they know their unique talents may be their only defense against a dangerous betrayal.
When Luna gets a strange sense about a piece Cullan just acquired, the two find themselves uniting to solve a mystery that has far-reaching consequences—never knowing there are some who’ll stop at nothing to claim what they believe is theirs. No matter what, Luna and Cullen know they can rely on each other—and this time, their lives may depend on it…

Readers Top Reviews

Nichole Dowell
I haven't read a book in several years mainly because I have just been so busy with life. I got an opportunity from influenster to read this book for free for a review so I took the opportunity and got the book. It was a great book to get me back into reading again. Once I started reading I couldn't stop it took me no time to finish the whole book. I love the characters and the story and I cannot wait to see more stories about the Bodman's. I will for sure be reading more books in the series once they are out.
Jeanette McWaters
As some have mentioned in previous reviews, the character development really evolved. The story was a bit predictable, but certainly a delightful read. The plot evolved as the novel progressed, with a few monkey wrenches thrown in, like unreliable internet and extra side characters. I can’t wait to read the next book in the series, and am especially looking forward to the evolving romance scenarios!
Fern Michaels books have always been enjoyable. This one is no exception. The two devils, the girl friday, the attorney and his son, the sister and brother,and the Marshal all contributed to make this an outstanding book