Merciless (Long, Tall Texans) - book cover
  • Publisher : HQN; Reissue edition
  • Published : 28 Dec 2021
  • Pages : 304
  • ISBN-10 : 1335475222
  • ISBN-13 : 9781335475220
  • Language : English

Merciless (Long, Tall Texans)

An unlikely attraction blossoms in this classic tale from Diana Palmer's bestselling Long, Tall Texans series

FBI agent Jon Blackhawk has no interest in settling down with a wife and family, despite being one of Jacobsville's most eligible bachelors. If he had his way, he'd be happily single forever. Luckily, Jon has a gatekeeper: his efficient and reliable assistant, Joceline Perry. Without her help, he'd be at the mercy of the women of Jacobsville. But the more he comes to rely on her, the more he notices how invaluable-and attractive-she really is.

While Joceline can't deny that her boss is the epitome of tall, dark and handsome, as a single mother with responsibilities, she doesn't have the luxury of being anything but professional. But when Jon is accosted by a criminal seeking revenge, she comes to his aid-fueling the spark that is growing between them.

As the danger to Jon's safety grows, Joceline stands by his side. But when the smoke clears, will the man who avoided love realize that all he ever needed was right there all along?


"You just can't do better than a Diana Palmer story to make your heart lighter and smile brighter." -Fresh Fiction on Wyoming Rugged

Long, Tall Texans 

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Readers Top Reviews

Kindle lmh Blonde
There are no words to describe the overwhelming disappoint I felt while reading this story. Palmer's writing has slacked in recent years, but this is taking it to a whole new level. There was no relationship development between the hero and heroine which is the most important element of any romantic book.. I felt like they were brother and sister. The book consisted of lame jokes by the heroine that did not make any sense and seemed really forced. I read this book because I want to know all the characters' stories from the Jacobsville books, but I could have done without this one. Do not waste your money. You will be disappointed.
Linda B. SeymourKind
As in her previous book "Dangerous", this latest Diana Palmer story is hopelessly caught in not only including the characters from previous stories connected with this current book "Merciless"....but using the first three quarters of the book to do just that. I'm not sure it serves the devoted fans, such as myself, or new readers very well by using reading cycle time to rehash the old characters. Can't hurt, but maybe let's do with less in the future. Too much reading space is used for this and not enough sensual love scenes Palmer is famous for all these years. I suspicion this book is penned by another writer or assistant with much influence. As a devoted fan, I will certainly purchase another publication by Palmer...but so far I would suggest to any fan....if you have read "Dangerous"....this book also spends countless pages re-introducing familiar characters from other Palmer stories. I fear the same about the next book...there's always hope! Linda Seymour
couldn't disagree more with the negative comments. one reviewer didn't 'get' the heroine's witty repartee. i thought it was great. part of what made me like the book. i wish there were more thrust and parry like that in other romance novels. i get tired of all of the internal struggles when all the folks would have to do is talk to each other. this book wasn't like that. another didn't like the lack of steamy scenes. thank God for that. i much prefer that stuff be left to my imagination. so i guess it's different strokes for different folks. does make me rethink my choice not to buy a couple of other palmer books based on negative reviews. based on this, i'd probably like them.
Wendy Scheper
Diana Palmer is a writer you can count on, she will provide highs lows and lead you to a happy resolve. I have always appreciated that her characters appear in multiple books. In this book we see both brother's in Kilraven and John, but we also see charters that we come to love in additional books such as Rourke. It is an easy read and well worth the time and the investment.
I LOVE Palmer's writing style, stories, and of course the characters. My only issue with this particular story is how easily and quickly joclene forgave/forgot cammy. Joclene was written with such a quick sharp wit that I was utterly disappointed that she said virtually NOTHING to defend herself or in defense/protection of her son when cammy laid into her at the ranch or even after in the hospital when cammy went to cover her own bum. I would have accepted an eventual make-up talk between the two but to have no fire from joclene was really disappointing.

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