Murder of Innocence (ID True Crime, 5) - book cover
  • Publisher : Grand Central Publishing; Reprint edition
  • Published : 26 Oct 2021
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN-10 : 1538752468
  • ISBN-13 : 9781538752463
  • Language : English

Murder of Innocence (ID True Crime, 5)

Dive into two dark stories of crime and murder from a New York Times bestselling author, inspired by true crime horrors where murder isn't always the worst thing that can happen to you . . .
  Murder of Innocence: It's impossible to resist Andrew Luster. He's rich, charming, and good-looking, and dozens of women have fallen under his spell. But Andrew is no mere womanizer. He's a predator, and it'll take a global effort to put him behind bars. (with Max DiLallo) A Murderous Affair: Mark Putnam is a rookie FBI agent given his first assignment in a remote part of Kentucky, a land of coal miners and meth dealers. Within his first months on the job, a young female informant named Susan Smith helps him make a big break in an important case. Rumors begin circulating that the agent and his informant are having an affair. After Susan starts telling people that she is pregnant with the FBI agent's baby, she suddenly disappears. (with Andrew Bourelle) 

Readers Top Reviews

Kindle BillL41janea
They say I have to say 20 words, sure you will enjoy this book, don't want to say to much what it is about,
As always I enjoyed another amazing story that involves love, death, and continuous concerns, and how the ending affects the characters.
Angela Wheeler
I'm sure the stories are good. I enjoyed the first 4 books. I didn't like the choice of book size....the first 4 are the large Paperback Size and #5 is Mass Paperback Size. I wanted the whole series in the same size!
carol s
Great read, I just love reading about true crime. These two stories were exceptional. Fast paced and the bad guys got it in the end
Sandra Zendroskyjim
It was ok but not as good as Patterson's regular books. The mystery of not knowing wasn't there. It's a shame what these families endured but this book didn't deliver