Rush on the Radio: A Tribute from His Sidekick for 30 Years - book cover
Politics & Government
  • Publisher : All Seasons Pr
  • Published : 23 Nov 2021
  • Pages : 326
  • ISBN-10 : 1737478544
  • ISBN-13 : 9781737478546
  • Language : English

Rush on the Radio: A Tribute from His Sidekick for 30 Years

What was it like to be a part of the supersonic ride on the Rush Limbaugh program, the highest-rated radio show in history that spanned 33 years and changed the American political conversation? James Golden, aka "Bo Snerdley," was there from the beginning to the final, tearful episodes. As call screener, "Official Show Observer," and friend of Rush, James shares the stories that grew an audience into tens of millions of devoted listeners. On the air or off, when Rush asked, "What do you think, Mr. Snerdley?" he meant it. James agreed, and disagreed, with Rush over the years, but they held the same values. "Rush's legacy must be is framed truthfully and properly. The stories must not be lost. In fact, we need them now more than ever."

Readers Top Reviews

john e nelms jrKindl
The book provided a visual into Rush’s life and the legacy he left.
For anyone who misses Rush Limbaugh, this book will touch your soul. It is an incredible tribute and an entertaining read by one heck of an intelligent author. I am gifting it to at least 6 Dittoheads for Christmas!
Lesa Mullins
Book has arrived and I went ahead and gave the book to my Hubs early instead of waiting for Christmas. Numerous times a week he comments on missing Rush and wondering what his take would be on the current state of affairs. Thank you James for this book. It gives us a bit of Rush back while we miss him and continue to grieve.
Timothy J. Spires
Fantastic read!! Thank you so much James for your efforts to bring this to all of us that miss our beloved Rush. I now also enjoy listening to your radio show, podcast. Best wishes.
C. Brown
This is a great book that describes the relationship, hidden from view, of Rush Limbaugh and his great friend James Golden. These two men were best friends who kept each other on the razors edge with their views challenging each other, with their viewpoint and forcing each other to grow a stronger clearer view of what they said to each other. They were not opposites in their viewpoint, but James Golden got the PhD thesis from EIB, and he had to defend that thesis every day with Rush asking powerful questions. Sometimes, James made Rush refine his view, sometimes James had to refine his view. But, they kept each other razor sharp. Along the way they became the closest of friends. Two people from different backgrounds becoming the closest of friends, and in their lives they disproved the leftists Lies. James I am over half way through and this is a masterpiece. I am already looking forward to a second book.

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