The Wives: A Novel - book cover
Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher : Graydon House; First Time Paperback edition
  • Published : 30 Nov 2021
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN-10 : 1525809989
  • ISBN-13 : 9781525809989
  • Language : English

The Wives: A Novel

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New York Times
bestselling author Tarryn Fisher delivers a pulse-pounding, fast-paced suspense novel that will leave you breathless. A thriller you won't be able to put down!

Imagine that your husband has two other wives.

You've never met the other wives. None of you know each other, and because of this unconventional arrangement, you can see your husband only one day a week. But you love him so much you don't care. Or at least that's what you've told yourself.

But one day, while you're doing laundry, you find a scrap of paper in his pocket-an appointment reminder for a woman named Hannah, and you just know it's another of the wives.

You thought you were fine with your arrangement, but you can't help yourself: you track her down, and, under false pretenses, you strike up a friendship. Hannah has no idea who you really are. Then Hannah starts showing up to your coffee dates with telltale bruises, and you realize she's being abused by her husband. Who, of course, is also your husband. But you've never known him to be violent, ever.

Who exactly is your husband, and how far would you be willing to go to find out?

And who is his mysterious third wife?

"Nail-biting, heart-clenchingly good."-New York Times bestselling author Alexandra Torre

"[A] lightning-fast plot."-Kirkus

"Suspense fans will be rewarded."-Publishers Weekly

"Some sharp twists."-Booklist

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Editorial Reviews

"You'll have whiplash until the very end. The Wives will leave the most sure footed reader uneasy until the last word is read." -Colleen Hoover, New York Times bestselling author of Verity

"I couldn't put it down... Nail-biting, heart-clenchingly good from the start, with characters that you both root and cringe for. I loved every word. Six stars." -Alessandra Torre, New York Times bestselling author of The Ghostwriter

"Fisher smoothly inserts moments of self-doubt, longing, paranoia, and triumph into her unsettling narrative as she draws the reader into Thursday's conflicted and increasingly complicated life. Suspense fans will be rewarded."--Publishers Weekly

"Fisher is a slick writer who keeps a tight rein on her lightning-fast plot, and the lengths that her feisty narrator goes to in order to reclaim her life make for salaciously satisfying reading...Fisher is a writer to watch."--Kirkus

"An intriguing plot takes some sharp twists in the search for the elusive truth in this fast-reading domestic thriller."--Booklist

"Fans of Gillian Flynn's Gone Girl will revel in The Wives...Fisher's story, like the score of a film, builds to an emotional and psychological crescendo that will keep readers on their toes until its final page. --USA Today

"Fisher draws us in with a topic few of us are familiar with-polygamy. However, she keeps us turning the page by having us share the mind of a sympathetic character. It's a compelling story of self-loathing, revenge, and denial that will keep readers up at night with the lights on and their devices off."--BookTrib

"A gripping ride that will keep readers guessing, The Wives...delivers heart-pounding suspense."--Shelf Awareness

"This is a true psychological thriller...[a] shocking ending."--Suspense Magazine

Readers Top Reviews

CundykjV. O'Regan
The last read of the decade. A decade in which I discovered the kindle and Indie writers and Tarryn Fisher definitely became a firm favourite. Other than seeing the cover I went in blind. I didn’t feel the need to read the blurb because, it’s TF, she can do no wrong. I realised at around half way through that I didn’t know the name of the lead character, the narrator. It was when that name was revealed that I realised TF had twisted my melon. Like Marrow. I was so in tune trying to spot what the twist would be, but the things I found were red herrings. Zippo lighter, jell-o. Interesting but not the plot breaker. So Seth has three wives and the real middle wife (our narrator) wants him to herself so she tracks down the competition. But all does not go to plan. Which one would Seth pick if he was forced to choose? Would it be wife number one, the petite career wife who loves shoes? Or would it be wife number two, the sexy trust fund wife who can whip up a rack of lamb and whip your trousers off while it cooks? Or what about wife number three, the wholesome young blonde who can still shell out a baby or two? Seth himself doesn’t get that much of a mention. I definitely didn’t like him but I’m not sure if I liked wife number two either. She’s bonkers! A super story and a great last read of 2019.
Terri T.
I've read a few of Tarryn Fisher's books and she always knows how shock you, she writes twisted really well and I thought this book was very clever and a total mindf*** , but I honestly could not put it down. From the first chapter until the last I was engrossed; this story took me on a roller coaster of emotions. A physiological thriller of the best kind. My mind questioned everything six times over. Just when I thought I had worked out what was going on Tarryn took me down another rabbit hole until I just couldn't think straight anymore. I loved all the characters, they each gave me a piece of themselves to get to know ( or so you think ) Told in the heroine's POV which I think made it all the more intense because you never really knew what the others were getting up to, what they were thinking, what was the truth and what was lies. That ending !!!!! I'm not sure if I liked it or not, I didn't see it coming not one bit, but wow this book will stay with me for a long time to come. DON'T miss the chance to read it !!
Sarah - Kindle and K
Every now and then a book comes along with a plot so twisted it blows you away... This is that book! From the get go I was hooked and this book just kept reeling me in. The plot is so cleverly crafted and intricate that you have no idea where it’s going. My mind was working overtime and for the most part I thought I was going crazy!! This book is what I’ve needed for a long time, it’s refreshing, a psychological thriller of epic proportions, it’s the type of plot that has you wondering how the hell the author came up with the idea. This will definitely be hard to beat. I can safely say this will be in my top 5 for 2020!
What can I say about The Wives ? Other than, it is I-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E! It’s genuinely one of the best books that I have ever read! The Wives, follows the protagonist Thursday as she navigates life as the wife of a polygamist. There are three wives in total & Thursday sees Seth ( her Hubbie ) every Thursday & his other wives get Monday & Tuesday. Tuesday is the original wife & Monday is the newest wife, all of them are aware of each other & have agreed to never try to get information about each other & instead live life as normal. Seemingly, Thursday is accepting of her lot until one day she discovers a hospital receipt in her husbands pocket. Closer inspection of the receipt shows that Monday is actually called Hannah & she is pregnant. Armed with the receipt & some basic computer skills Thursday starts to investigate her fellow wife. As she continues to look for info on Hannah, she starts to unravel & become obsessed with finding out as much as she can about her husbands other wives. First off, Thursday is a very complex, but very endearing protagonist who you really empathise with & want to succeed, especially when the reader discovers that Thursday is psychologically traumatised from an incident earlier in her marriage to Seth. Secondly, as the story progresses & layer after layer of secrets & lies are revealed, the story becomes increasingly more unsettling, dark & twisted. As the plot gets more & more twisty, all your initial preconceptions start to crumble. I loved the pacey, relentless and all consuming plot points, which is why I binge read it at every opportunity! Of course I now have a major book-hangover but it’s worth it! I have nothing negative at all to say about this book, which is an endorsement of how clever & compelling this book is. I would definitely read more from this author & highly recommend reading this book, because for once the hype is real!! If you enjoy a domestic thriller guys, then you have to read this novel ASAP because it’s genius ! This was an easy 5* star rating for me ! ! I would give it more if I could !
Missy Genneken
Thursday is the second of Seth’s three wives and it is told from her point of view. They have an almost idyllic life ...on the days he stays at her house. Thursday follows the urge to know more about the others wives. She falls down a rabbit hole that left me guessing what was happening up until the very last words of the book. I don’t want to give any spoilers. It’s dark and twisty. It definitely felt like a Tarryn Fisher book. No word is wasted. It is all important. This is absolutely a psychological thriller. I couldn’t put it down. I’m anxious to do a reread. My mind is still reeling a bit. No matter how good you think it is while reading it.... it gets better.

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