19 Yellow Moon Road: An Action-Packed Novel of Suspense (Sisterhood) - book cover
Action & Adventure
  • Publisher : Zebra
  • Published : 28 Dec 2021
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN-10 : 1420152084
  • ISBN-13 : 9781420152081
  • Language : English

19 Yellow Moon Road: An Action-Packed Novel of Suspense (Sisterhood)

A thrilling new book in the wildly popular series from the author of Hidden, legendary #1 New York Times bestseller Fern Michaels! The Sisterhood is reuniting to investigate The Haven, a suspicious spiritual organization that's more dangerous cult than caring commune…

Maggie Spritzer's nose for a story doesn't just make her a top-notch newspaper editor, it also tells her when to go the extra mile for a friend. When she gets a strange message from her journalism pal, Gabby Richardson, Maggie knows her services are needed. Gabby has become involved with The Haven, a commune that promises to guide its members toward a more spiritually fulfilling life. But Gabby's enthusiasm has turned to distrust ever since she was refused permission to leave the compound to visit her sick mother.
Maggie wants to learn more about The Haven, and the Sisterhood is eager to help. It turns out The Haven's founders are the sons of a disgraced Chicago businessman in prison for running a Ponzi scheme. They also have connections to a Miami billionaire with dubious sidelines. Soon, the Sisterhood gang embark on a search-and uncover a web of crime that runs deeper and higher than they ever imagined. And they'll need all their special skills to bring it down . . .
Praise for Fern Michaels

"Michaels's highly developed skills as a storyteller are evident in the affable characters [and] suspenseful plot." -Publishers Weekly on Deep Harbor

Readers Top Reviews

Kindle P.Kindle Na
You must agree this group is thorough. At first they just kept turning up more and more illegal activities. The best part of their activities is all the innocents get the help they need to get back on their feet. But they do like to tie off ALL loose ends. Ruffians situation was delightful. But they went to extra mile to take care of Noah and Liam's mother after she left them hanging.
I loved this addition to the Sisterhood series, I tend to read books all in one sitting and this was no exception. It was an easy read, it flowed nicely in and out of the back story to the current mission story. I have to say I love Alexis she comes up with the most fun disguises for the sisters. Looking forward to the next Sisterhood and Men of the Sisterhood. They need a another mission together
A slow start but after about 50 pages, things really started happening. As usual someone, a college friend and employee, needed help. She began with Maggie which was a very slow, long go. Not much information at first, several different activities and people (good and evil) were involved and had to be identified. Eventually it all came together with a little help from Jack Emery and his connections. I’ve read over 2/3 of the book today. Couldn’t put it down. Definitely another great Sisterhood adventure.
Kindle Candylady
I've read and enjoyed all of The Sisterhood books, and many others Fern Michaels has written. After eagerly awaiting the release of the book, couldn't wait to settle in to read it. The story is good, and it's great to have many of our favorite characters back. However, the dialogue and writing style in the first half to 2/3 of the book seems quite juvenile. Also, I understand that repeating background from previous books is good to help readers new to the series or bridge the time gap for all readers. However, I found it annoying to have the same information given repeatedly in the same book. The last third of the book felt like Fern Michaels was back, very enjoyable.
This has been a favorite series by my all time favorite author Ms. Fern Michael's. The sisterhood ("vigilantes") is an incredible series. The characters have evolved over time but still maintained their original qualities. This book the 33rd in the series probably had the least violence toward the evil people they dole out their kind of justice too. I am fascinated by their relationship and how they rescue those that need to be saved. I am so grateful Ms. Michaels decide to continue to write more books in this series than the original 10 she had planned to write. This is a series that needs to be read in order starting with book 1 to understand how the sisterhood began and what has happened to all of them.