All the Colors of Night (Fogg Lake) - book cover
Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher : Berkley
  • Published : 30 Nov 2021
  • Pages : 432
  • ISBN-10 : 1984806823
  • ISBN-13 : 9781984806826
  • Language : English

All the Colors of Night (Fogg Lake)

An instant New York Times bestseller!

Two psychics plunge into a dark world of deadly secrets in this second installment in the Fogg Lake trilogy by New York Times bestselling author Jayne Ann Krentz.

North Chastain possesses a paranormal talent that gives him the ability to track down the most dangerous psychic criminals. When his father suddenly falls into a coma-like state, North is convinced it was caused by a deadly artifact that traces back to the days of a secret government program known only as the Bluestone Project. North knows his only hope of saving his father is to find the artifact. He is good when it comes to tracking down killers, but to locate the relic he's going to need help from a psychic who knows the shadowy world of obsessive collectors, deceptive dealers and ruthless raiders.…
With her reputation in ruins after a false accusation, antiques expert Sierra Raines is looking for a fresh start. She turns to the murky backwaters of the paranormal artifacts trade, finding and transporting valuable objects with a psychic provenance. When North Chastain approaches her for help, Sierra takes him on as a client, though not without reservations. North represents the mysterious Foundation, the secretive organization established to police the underworld populated by psychic criminals and those, like Sierra, who make a living in the shadows of that world.
North and Sierra soon find themselves at the scene of the Incident, which occurred decades ago in Fogg Lake. The town and its residents were forever changed by the disaster in the nearby Bluestone Project labs. The pair unearths shocking truths about what happened that fateful night, but they are playing with fire-someone in town knows what they've discovered and will do anything to make sure the secrets stay buried.

Editorial Reviews

"The combination of romance, danger, mystery, and the occult is sure to sate Krentz's fans. Readers will be eager to see where the series goes next."-Publishers Weekly

"Another brilliantly crafted installment in which [Krentz] deftly draws on her mad genius for exciting plots and signature sharp sense of humor to create another sexy, suspenseful, and sublimely entertaining story that will have her fans and new readers alike sighing happily with satisfaction."-Booklist, starred review

"Krentz's second Fogg Lake entry (after The Vanishing) offers her typical romantic suspense heavily dosed with heightened mental abilities and can read as a stand-alone, although characters from the first book make appearances. Fans will enjoy the Easter eggs sprinkled throughout referencing the Jones brothers from Krentz's popular "Arcane Society" series."-Library Journal

"All the Colors of the Night is a riveting story with relatable protagonists that the reader will cheer on as their escapades became ever more dangerous. Surprises along the way will keep the reader guessing. And several well-conceived themes run through the tale, including family relationships and history, ethics, romance, murder, trust, mental health, and more."-Mystery and Suspense Magazine

"This easy-to-follow romantic suspense novel has a breathtaking pace, well-developed characters and great chemistry between its main couple."-BookPage

"All the Colors of Night is an entertaining, easy to read novel into which you can immerse yourself for a day or two."-The New York Jounal of Books

Readers Top Reviews

Debs Kindle agdag
I really enjoyed this story. Locked as we are within our own uncertainty and with the threat of the pandemic, it was all the more gratifying to be allowed to feel the influences of past favourite stories emerge and then disappear... Arcane and the Joneses are in plain sight, but then also searching the tunnels was reminiscent of the ghost hunters and tanglers of Harmony and North Chastain of the books Zinnia where the hero (also a Chastain) is fighting paranormal forces in a future world. Following these stories is a bit like following the path of a torus, I'm beginning to think there is no beginning or end to these Amanda Quick/Jayne Anne Krentz/Jayne Castle universes as they seem to start moving inexorably together - but I'm enjoying the ride!
EnvyBook MonitorDebs
Great storyline with intriguing characters. The plot lines kept me interested and gave me pleasure. The twists and turns were interesting and some unexpected. Thank you Jayne Ann Krentz for sharing your talent of worlds, characters, interesting plots with us.
Unlike many other authors in this genre who after enough time and publications end up generating formulaic or superficial follow up novels, Krentz continues to achieve an enjoyable balance of familiarity (style, general plot trajectory and depth) with the unfolding development of her paranormal world within a world. This is an enjoyable extension. Is there room for her to edge a little further into character development? Sure but frankly those of us who are tired of stories built around angst, women lacking confidence, men who are fundamentally little boy players “until they are saved” Krentz’s books are a joy. The women and men are thinking adults.
This book doesn't have a very complex or particularly difficult mystery. It is an entertaining and fun read but it would be nice if she wrote some of the missing stories but they could get boring considering the characters would all have the same powers as in the stories already written. I prefer her longer and more complex books but you really can't go wrong with Jayne Ann Krentz. I will certainly read the next one.
Darla TnitroDailyRea
North Chastain is a psychic with the ability to track down dangerous psychic criminals although he seems to be losing some of his paranormal talent . When his father is attacked with a paranormal weapon and left in a coma-like state, North must find a way to track the weapon down and reverse the process. To do so, he's going to need help from another psychic who understands the underworld of collectors. Sienna Raines is trying to rebuild her life after a false accusation from a museum where she worked. She and North must work together to delve into the shadowy world of people who are obsessed with a lost lab. As they unearth secrets and bring to light some old misconceptions, they find each other. I loved this book which is a great follow up to the first one in the series. It was well-written with well-rounded characters, some of whom you'll like and others you won't. I was drawn in from the beginning and didn't want to put the book down. I'm really looking forward to more from this series and highly recommend both book and series which I suggest you read in order for the most enjoyment and benefit.

Short Excerpt Teaser

Chapter 1

Why kill me?" Sierra Raines said. "I'm just the go-between."

"I'm sorry, Ms. Raines," Parker Keegan said. He aimed the pistol at her. The weapon shook a little in his hand. Keegan's eyes were wild with lust-not the sexual kind; a different sort of madness, but just as dangerous. "I'm afraid this is the end of our business association."

Another crazy, obsessive, paranoid collector, Sierra thought. Should have seen this coming. The problem was that most of her clients qualified as crazy, obsessive, or paranoid-usually some creepy combination of all three. If she avoided all the collectors and dealers in the hot artifacts trade who fit one or more of the three categories, she would be out of business in a day.

Keegan, however, was proving to be more of a problem than the majority of her clients. There was the gun, for one thing. Thankfully, very few of the collectors and dealers she did business with had gone so far as to pull out a pistol, although one or two had produced large knives, and there was the scary dude who had tried to lock her up in the trunk of a car that he intended to push off a pier on Lake Washington. Most collectors were thrilled to conclude a successful transaction and were eager to do more business with her. She was slowly but surely establishing a reputation as reliable and discreet.

It shouldn't have come as a surprise that there were a few drawbacks in her new business. There had been glitches and major disasters in all of her previous attempts to discover her calling. She was starting to think of herself as a serial career killer.

They were standing in Keegan's private gallery. Like the galleries of most collectors who were obsessed with artifacts that had an association with the paranormal, the room was a converted basement. There was no one else in the big house and the nearest neighbors were a mile down the road. If Keegan shot her, no one would hear the crack of the pistol.

"Don't misunderstand, Ms. Raines," Keegan said. "I am very grateful to you for locating the artifact and delivering it so promptly and so discreetly. The problem is that you now know far too much about my collection and my business affairs."

Keegan was not particularly dangerous looking. Thin, short and middle-aged, he had the vibe of a fussy academic. But if there was one thing Sierra had discovered in the past few months, it was that when it came to collectors and dealers, looks were invariably deceiving.

Mirrors, however, never lied, not to someone with her talent. And there happened to be one-a large, elaborately framed nineteenth-century looking glass-hanging on the wall directly behind Keegan. When she jacked up her talent she could see the reflection of his energy field. Unstable was the only way to describe it.

Not that she had needed a mirror to arrive at that diagnosis, she thought.

"I'm a Vault agent, Mr. Keegan," she said, keeping her tone polite but firm. "You know as well as I do that Mr. Jones is not going to be happy if one of his go-betweens gets murdered on this job."

"I have considered the problem of Mr. Jones. Don't worry, Ms. Raines, your body will never be found. I intend to tell Jones you failed to deliver the artifact. He will be convinced you stole it and disappeared with it."

"No," Sierra said. "He won't believe it. You do not want to cross Mr. Jones."

"I'm not afraid of Jones," Keegan snapped.

But he sounded as if he were trying to convince himself rather than her.

"There is no reason to kill me," she said gently. "You've got the artifact. Mr. Jones has built a reputation for confidentiality. As long as his clients don't try to cheat him, he keeps their secrets. So do his agents."

"Unfortunately, I have trust issues," Keegan said.

"No kidding. As it happens, I have a few myself." She gave him her flashiest smile and casually stripped off one of her sleek black leather gloves. "That is, of course, why I take precautions at every stage of the delivery."

Keegan frowned. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Sierra raised her ungloved hand to the small locket she wore. She flipped it open to reveal the mirror inside. It was not a standard mirror, but rather a flat circle of highly reflective crystal.

"I won't bore you with a lengthy explanation of how this works," she said. "That would involve some complicated physics. All you really need to know is that you're about to faint."

"Faint? You're crazy. Why would I f...