Biscuits and Gravy (A Chuckwagon Trail Western) - book cover
  • Publisher : Pinnacle
  • Published : 28 Dec 2021
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN-10 : 0786044268
  • ISBN-13 : 9780786044269
  • Language : English

Biscuits and Gravy (A Chuckwagon Trail Western)

Johnstone Justice. Get It While It's Hot.

Dewey "Mac" Mackenzie is no ordinary chuckwagon cook. He's a marked man on the run who works cattle drives to stay one step ahead of his enemies. If these hired killers catch up to him, he'll be slinging guns instead of hash-with a side order of revenge that's best served cold . . .

A hot meal, a hard drink, and maybe a friendly hand of poker-that's all Mac Mackenzie wants when he drifts into the small town of Harcourt City, Montana. What he gets is a fistful of trouble.  When he defends a saloon girl from the unwanted advances of some local toughs, he earns the wrath of the town's powerful namesake, Oscar Harcourt. Harcourt rules this place with an iron fist-and a steely eyed gang of thugs. Now he has his eyes on a ranch belonging to the saloon girl and her brother. A ranch they won't give up-without a fight.

To raise funds, the brother and sister arrange a cattle drive to Rattlesnake Creek, and they want Mac to join them. As an experienced cattle pusher and chuckwagon cook, he's sure to be an asset. But as a secret gunslinger with a price on his head, he might end up getting them all killed.
Now the cattle are ready to go. Mac is ready for anything. But with so many devils ridng on their tails, Mac is ready to turn up the heat-and send them back to hell . . .

Readers Top Reviews

Biscuits and Gravy by William W. Johnstone and J.A. Johnstone is another great western with Mac Mackenzie in the lead. Once again he gets involved in a cattle trail and has to avoid getting caught up with the troubles that started in New Orleans. This adventure has all the parts that make up a traditional western, good guys and bad guys and shootouts. What I found good in this series is the weight on the chuckwagon driver. It is always great when a new angle on the old west is presented. As always I must thank @kensingtonbooks @netgalley #Pinnacle for giving me this advance copy and @williamw.j.a.johnstone for writing it. #NetGalley #Kensington #BiscuitsAndGravy #WilliamWJohnstone #JAJohnstone #Western #aChuckwagonTrail
Jacqui Murray
The main character of William Johnstone's Chuck Wagon Trail series, Dewey 'Mac' MacKenzie, drifts from town to Western town trying to escape charges for a crime he didn’t commit. He works what jobs he can find and is pretty good as the chuckwagon cook for trail drives. He is between jobs, having a beer in a western bar owned by an Irishman while he tries to figure what to do next when he rescues a barmaid about to be clocked by a drunk patron. The patron doesn't like being interrupted and attacks Mac later with several of his buddies, leaving Mac severely Injured. The barmaid--Becky, and also the owner of a local ranch--takes him to her ranch and nurses him back to health. As a thank you, Mac agrees to run her chuck wagon on her first-ever cattle drive. But his past is chasing him as is the present. He must take care of his obligations as cook while avoiding the men chasing him. Mac is always clever in how he solves problems which makes for an interesting story with lots of old west mixed in.  The only part that annoyed me was the high volume of introspection on the part of the characters, constantly pondering their ideas, examining decisions, evaluating choices. They’re interesting but in this case, so frequent they slowed the action down. Still, I'd recommend it to those who enjoy good ol' Western stories.
I have read every book in this series and greatly appreciated each one. Looking forward to more in this series and also the other series that are from this author
These Chuckwagon stories are much like thesrc. 1940’s Westerns. The lone gunman or 2 or 3 friends waltz into, land grabs, rustlers, horse thieves, etc, and save the day, there is always a young lady. Into this, the landscape is plugged in. Like a Republic Western, you know where the story going. Never the less like these old Westerns these books are still very interesting.
Paul M. Harman
This is a continuing story of Mac MacKenzie, falsely accused of murder, trying to steer clear of all the bounty hunters trying to kill him or take him in. After leaving the last trail drive he ends up in the town of Harcourt where he makes some immediate friends by stopping a cowboy from punching Becky Lewis in the face. Shortly afterwards he heads back to his hotel and is beaten badly by the very same toughs he had accosted in the saloon earlier. With broken ribs and a concussion he is taken to the Lewis ranch to heal. Once healed he volunteers to help them take their cattle to Rattlesnake Creek to sell. Then the problems and trials for all of them begin. Quite the well written story and a treat to read.