Blizzard Showdown (Alaska K-9 Unit, 8) - book cover
Literature & Fiction
  • Publisher : Love Inspired Suspense; Original edition
  • Published : 30 Nov 2021
  • Pages : 224
  • ISBN-10 : 133555467X
  • ISBN-13 : 9781335554673
  • Language : English

Blizzard Showdown (Alaska K-9 Unit, 8)

From New York Times Bestselling Author Shirlee McCoy

A missing-person case…

turns into a rescue operation.

After months of searching for Violet James, Gabriel Runyon and his K-9 partner finally track her down-just in time to rescue her from her ex-fiancé. Now they must safeguard the single mother and her newborn daughter. Leaving Violet's Alaskan hideout is the safest option, but with a winter storm rolling in, it's not just a murderer they have to escape…

From Love Inspired Suspense: Courage. Danger. Faith.

Alaska K-9 Unit

Book 1: Alaskan Rescue by Terri Reed
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Book 5: Deadly Cargo by Jodie Bailey
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Book 8: Blizzard Showdown by Shirlee McCoy

Readers Top Reviews

This definitely makes it a 5. But I would give it a 10 if I could . Beautiful love story tragic love story it has it all. A lot of gun fights and intriguing story line. I am happy to say I would recommend this book to anyone over the age of 15. Shirlee McCoy is my new favorite author. Love this book.
Susan Snodgrass
'She was cold. She was scared. She was alone.' This has been a wonderful series, this K-9 one. The entire series has been spent searching for one woman, Violet James, thought to be a participant in violent crimes. However, law enforcement now know her to be innocent, but she is running from her ex-fiancé, the one who is really guilty. Only now she has a newborn with her. So not only does she need to keep herself and her infant daughter safe from this vicious criminal, she must stay safe in the Alaskan wilderness with a huge winter storm on the horizon. The best was definitely saved for the last! Shirlee McCoy brings it here and I loved every single minute. She has crafted a decidedly dastardly bad guy, totally without remorse and any sense of right and wrong. I couldn't stand him! And Bear! This dog wormed his way into my heart. Of course, being a dog lover, he didn't even have to try to do that, but he was a great character in this book. I highly recommend this one. Absolute perfection!
Glenda Parker
My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense, Blizzard Showdown. This is book eight in the continuity series Alaska K-9 Unit. The is the awesome conclusion of the series. It's well-written, action-packed, and full of suspense. You are going t love it. Violet James is the bride in the first book of the series. She takes her maid of honor, her groom, and his best man on a hike up the mountains. On the way up the mountain, her groom and his best man shoot the guide and push the maid of honor off the mountain. She runs! They set it up to look like she's the killer. So the Troopers are out looking for her. Soon they figure out she didn't do it but are unable to find her. They know she is expecting. Alaska State Trooper Gabriel Runyon and his K-9 partner finally track Violet down right after she gives birth. They must go on the run through the mountains in a raging blizzard. Can he keep them safe? A terrifying journey through mountains in a blizzard with a newborn. God has a plan for these two, a good plan for hope and a future. God has a plan for you too. A good plan for peace and not for destruction. Give Him your heart and watch Him move in your life.
Exciting and romantic and beautiful!!! A wonderful book! Loved the way Violet could be so honest with her feelings and so open with them. Excellent book!!! Love the dog!!!!
The entire series was a great read and each story was smoothly intertwined But , with that said not all foster homes and foster kids end up having terrible childhoods. I being one of seven kids in a family we were all put in the same home and raised by God loving foster parents. I grew up knowing God’s love and true family values. I became a special education teacher for 33 years and I am now retired. I raised 4 sons to love God and to live by the word of God and to be strong and loving. I know that my 3 grandsons are being raised to love God and to be strong and loving too. Thanks for a great series.