Chainsaw Man, Vol. 7 (7) - book cover
  • Publisher : VIZ Media LLC
  • Published : 05 Oct 2021
  • Pages : 200
  • ISBN-10 : 1974720969
  • ISBN-13 : 9781974720965
  • Language : English

Chainsaw Man, Vol. 7 (7)

Broke young man + chainsaw dog demon = Chainsaw Man!

Denji was a small-time devil hunter just trying to survive a harsh world. After being killed on a job, Denji is revived by his pet devil-dog Pochita and becomes something new and dangerous-Chainsaw Man!

Denji's gotten too famous! After a news program broadcasts Chainsaw Man's heroics, the whole world now wants in on the action! Can Denji's new protection detail keep him safe from all the talented assassins that have assembled in Japan to take him down?!

Readers Top Reviews

Arrived perfectly in time in perfect condition. Can’t wait to add more to my collection! (*ó▿ò*)
Brenda Matt
I preordered them and they came the day before it was released!! And not to mention they came in great condition!
Real Genius
Absolutely thrilling volume. Funny, sexy, terrifying, and devastating all wrapped into one with this series. keeps you on your toes guessing from page to page. Superb art style and the writing is just one swift punch to the next. Get in now while you can before the Anime hype reaches its zenith. Already getting harder to find volumes, and this one's gonna take off mark my words.
Luis Ramirez
This volume is the build up to the next big battle. It introduces all the important characters that will take part in the coming conflict.