The Far Side® 2022 Off-The-Wall Calendar - book cover
  • Publisher : Andrews McMeel Publishing
  • Published : 02 Nov 2021
  • Pages : 640
  • ISBN-10 : 1524868663
  • ISBN-13 : 9781524868666
  • Language : English

The Far Side® 2022 Off-The-Wall Calendar

Greet each day of 2022 with a maniacal cackle, thanks to the return of the all-time bestselling The Far Side® calendar featuring the most irreverent cartoon to have graced the funny pages. Oh, and did we mention it's a reissue of The Far Side® 1994 Off-The-Wall Calendar? You're welcome.

The triumphant return of The Far Side®Off-The-Wall Calendar in 2021 reminded you how much you've missed those silly scraps of paper you hadn't seen in ages. A bovine bartender taped to a neighboring cubicle, notices from the caveman homeowners' association displayed on a fridge, the postcard of a few vacationing lice pinned to a hallway bulletin board. Fear not! The Far Side®Off-The-Wall Calendar-the world's bestselling calendar for nineteen years-is back again for 2022!

This year's edition is a reissue of the beloved 1994 calendar, featuring black and white cartoons from The Far Side® with the days and dates distinguished by a fun, hand-lettered look. Quit sitting around wondering what day it is and ensure you receive your regular dose of anthropomorphic arthropods, ostentatious outlaws, and raving radiologists with The Far Side® 2022 Off-The-Wall Calendar.

Features include:Tear-off pagesDay/date reference on each pageOfficial major holidaysCombined weekend pagesBlank back pages-perfect for notes, lists, or to-dosUse of FSC-certified paper with soy-based inkText, box, and backer made from recyclable materialsA different black and white cartoon from The Far Side® on each page

Readers Top Reviews

SteffersJohn Maydeha
Bought as a gift for Xmas - great collection of funnies to see then through the year!
M. BrionesViv Arnold
The Far Side has been around for so long. I was looking forward to sharing or passing the tradition of humor to my nephews. I was so excited when the desk Calendars arrived, then to my surprise, the entire calendar is printed in black and white. Disappointing.
StephenOne Moon
We rotate between Far Side, Argyle Sweater, and similar artists each year. Always enjoyed Far Side but as with everything going cheap these days, this year the calendar is in black and white drawing even though the cover cartoon is in color. Misleading, and the cartoons are not the same as when in color. I might even say the cartoons are not as funny in black and white.
Georgia Martinetti
I love these calendars, love that Larson guy! I would have him as my boyfriend anytime. I'm not his mother either .
Michael StormWojciec
I expected it to be in color. The paper that it is printed on is cheap quality. Disappointed.