End of Days: A Pike Logan Novel (Pike Logan, 16) - book cover
Action & Adventure
  • Publisher : William Morrow
  • Published : 11 Jan 2022
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN-10 : 006288610X
  • ISBN-13 : 9780062886101
  • Language : English

End of Days: A Pike Logan Novel (Pike Logan, 16)

Pike Logan must stop a deranged killer hell-bent on igniting an international conflagration in this explosive, action-packed thriller from New York Times bestselling author and former special forces officer, Brad Taylor.

When a paragliding trip over the picturesque mountains of Switzerland results in the brutal murder of the former head of Israeli intelligence, Mossad brings in terrorist hunters Aaron and Shoshana to investigate. But they'll need help to find out who was behind the attack and what they're planning next. Luckily, Aaron and Shoshana know exactly who to call.

Taskforce operators Pike Logan and Jennifer Cahill have been trapped in Charleston, South Carolina during COVID-19, so when Aaron and Shoshana show up on their doorstep with Israeli passports and a new mission, they jump at the chance to assist their friends. Some suspect that Keta'ib Hezbollah, an Iranian-funded militia group operating in Iraq, might be responsible for the "accidental" deaths of key members of the American and Israeli governments. But something isn't adding up, and Pike, Jennifer, and the two Mossad operators are determined to find the real assassins before more people are cut down.

As they stumble upon the trail of a serial killer loose on the streets of Rome connected to the deaths and follow evidence leading to the exalted Knights of Malta, they must wade deep into the contentious religious and political fractures of Israel and the greater Middle East. It's a dangerous world where fanatics and legitimate organizations exist side by side, and it's up to the Taskforce to determine who is really pulling the strings. What they find could have disastrous consequences not only for them, but for the entire world… 

Editorial Reviews

"Pike Logan returns with a thundering force… Taylor's own military experience and insights bleed onto the page, but in an honest and informative way that makes his story seem a little too real for comfort… Taylor [is] one of today's finest storytellers." -- TheRealBookSpy.com on End of Days

"All action from start to finish…. Another solid novel in the series." -- RedCarpetCrash.com

"A whirlwind of high adventure, and edge-of-your-seat plot twists… End of Days is an incredible tapestry of real world implications mixed with stellar story telling. Brad Taylor still has the touch." -- Mystery & Suspense Magazine

"Taut . . . a memorable cast, powerful action scenes, and authentic tradecraft . . . Series fans will appreciate the continuing evolution of the characters and the customary attention to tactical detail. Taylor reinforces his place as a major player in the military action genre." -- Publishers Weekly on American Traitor

"American Traitor is frighteningly realistic and will cause a lot of sleepless nights in Washington. Brad Taylor is the best action writer in the business today, and Pike Logan is the right hero for our time." -- William H. McRaven, Adm, U.S. Navy (Ret.) and author of Make Your Bed

"It is [Taylor's] remarkable character work with a robust and memorable cast that is the true strength of the novel. The camaraderie of the battle-hardened operators…, their staunch loyalty... and their stalwart sense of shared duty ultimately make for a big-hearted novel, even amid its many pulse-pounding moments." -- Charleston Post & Courier on American Traitor

"Taylor, who relies on his own elite experience in the Special Forces for both detail and authenticity, has never been better, and neither has his literary doppelganger, Pike Logan." -- Providence Journal on American Traitor

"Taylor, a retired Special Forces lieutenant colonel, has a good grasp of the geopolitical backdrop of his stories, and this knowledge gives his books a solid layer of plausibility. The high-energy writing also helps sell the story and characters. This is a series that has earned its popularity." -- Booklist on American Traitor

"Lose yourself in American Traitor and find yourself remembering what makes this country so great." -- Veteran News Reporter

"Another solid Pike Logan novel that is all action from the time they get down under." -- Red Carpet Crash

Readers Top Reviews

TomenoRex W.
Good story line, read well some history mixed in. Looking forward to the next in series. Characters are real and keep you holding your breath
So good I didn’t want it to end; I wish it had 500 more pages! Characters you really feel you know, thrilling action that makes you feel the tension, and a plot that is timely and well researched. Please Mr. Taylor, keep writing more…
Well, Brad Taylor certainly didn’t disappoint! I thoroughly enjoyed this book and the characters. He said it was harder to write this book because of Covid but it sure didn’t show in the riveting story! I highly recommend!
Another good one! Great story with a little too much backstory/filler. Love the team dynamics. Despite the filler, overall still entertaining.
Derek J. Hartsfield
Brad Taylor has taken Pike Logan to another level. Pike is the tactical man we live through and aspire to be when our own careers are now lived out in garrison. So, triple check your kit, clean your weapons and get ready to ride; you won’t be able to put End of Days on the nightstand and turn off the lights.

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