Feeding the Soul (Because It's My Business): Finding Our Way to Joy, Love, and Freedom - book cover
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  • Publisher : William Morrow
  • Published : 28 Sep 2021
  • Pages : 288
  • ISBN-10 : 0063080281
  • ISBN-13 : 9780063080287
  • Language : English

Feeding the Soul (Because It's My Business): Finding Our Way to Joy, Love, and Freedom


You are seen, you are loved, and you are heard!

Before Tabitha Brown was one of the most popular personalities in the world, sharing her delicious vegan home cooking and compassionate wisdom with millions of followers across social media, she was an aspiring actress who in 2016 began struggling with undiagnosed chronic autoimmune pain. Her condition made her believe she wouldn’t live to see forty--until she started listening to what her soul and her body truly needed. Now, in this life-changing book, Tabitha shares the wisdom she gained from her own journey, showing readers how to make a life for themselves that is rooted in nonjudgmental kindness and love, both for themselves and for others.

Tabitha grounds her lessons in stories about her own life, career, faith, and family in this funny, down-to-earth book, built around the catchphrases that her fans know and love, including:

Hello There!: Why hope, joy, and clarity are so very needed

That’s Your Business: Defining yourself, and being okay with that

Have the Most Amazing Day . . . : Choosing joy and living with intention

But Don’t Go Messin’ Up No One Else’s: Learning to walk in kindness even when the world doesn’t feel kind

Like So, Like That: Living life without measurement

Very Good: Living in peace and creating good from the bad

Rich with personal stories and inspirational quotes, and sprinkled with a few easy vegan recipes, Feeding the Soul is a book to share--and to return to when you want to feel seen, loved, and heard.

Readers Top Reviews

Lauren W.
I listened to the first chapter for free a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't wait to get the rest! Im giving you 5 stars just for being you Tabitha Brown ❤❤
Absolutely phenomenal so far! I had been looking for books specifically from those affected by autoimmune disorders, like myself, and when I read the description a few months ago, I knew I had to preorder it. Halfway through the first chapter, I immediately ordered it for a dear friend. As I’m reading, I can hear her calming words and tone and it makes it even better. Thank you for sharing your story with us, Tabitha! ?
Erica Tyson
I ALREADY LOVE THIS BOOK! ❤️ Very inspirational and empowering!
Often we see folk who have made it big and think they had no obstacles and have none now. Tabitha is clear that just like all of us, she’s had challenges and she shares her journey as a path to light our way. I read this book in one sitting. To God be the glory.
Tia M Shaffer
Dear Tabitha, Thank you, thank you, thank you for the delicious words you are feeding our souls. I am already into Part II and looking forward to finishing the main course. I get tickled because I can hear your voice in my head as I am reading. Wise beyond your years and divinely guided in love, you share lessons you have learned along your journey and for that we thank you. Finally, we thank you for being a shining example of how sharing and cultivating our gifts can lead to the life of our dreams. Also excited to try out some recipes. Y’all go get the book if you want, Cause that’s yo’ business!