In a Holidaze - book cover
  • Publisher : Gallery Books
  • Published : 06 Oct 2020
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN-10 : 198212394X
  • ISBN-13 : 9781982123949
  • Language : English

In a Holidaze


One Christmas wish, two brothers, and a lifetime of hope are on the line for hapless Maelyn Jones in In a Holidaze, the quintessential holiday romantic novel by Christina Lauren, the New York Times bestselling author of The Unhoneymooners.

It's the most wonderful time of the year…but not for Maelyn Jones. She's living with her parents, hates her going-nowhere job, and has just made a romantic error of epic proportions.

But perhaps worst of all, this is the last Christmas Mae will be at her favorite place in the world-the snowy Utah cabin where she and her family have spent every holiday since she was born, along with two other beloved families. Mentally melting down as she drives away from the cabin for the final time, Mae throws out what she thinks is a simple plea to the universe: Please. Show me what will make me happy.

The next thing she knows, tires screech and metal collides, everything goes black. But when Mae gasps awake…she's on an airplane bound for Utah, where she begins the same holiday all over again. With one hilarious disaster after another sending her back to the plane, Mae must figure out how to break free of the strange time loop-and finally get her true love under the mistletoe.

Jam-packed with yuletide cheer, an unforgettable cast of characters, and Christina Lauren's trademark "downright hilarious" (Helen Hoang, author of The Bride Test) hijinks, this swoon-worthy romantic read will make you believe in the power of wishes and the magic of the holidays.

Editorial Reviews

 Praise for In a Holidaze

"A fantastical twist on holiday cheer in this hilarious and heartwarming rom-com... a perfect Christmas treat." ― Publishers Weekly (starred review)

"Take one lovably flawed heroine, add a doting boy-next-door hero, and sprinkle in a cozy family holiday, and you have the recipe for a delicious time-looping romantic comedy from best-selling duo Lauren." ― Library Journal (starred review)

"Lauren's first holiday romance is a feel-good from the get-go… The story and characters have a cozy, old-fashioned vibe, and the love scenes are warm… In a Holidaze is an engaging and entertaining treat, with no sharp edges and plenty of seasonal sparkle." ― BookPage (starred review)

 "Christina Lauren excels at delivering dizzying, head-over-heels romance, but In a Holidaze is in the upper tier of their prodigious output. It wraps its reader in its cozy, jolly embrace like a beloved holiday sweater." ― Entertainment Weekly

"A classic plot plus Lauren's trademark snark and steam add up to a winning rom-com full of heart and holiday cheer." ― Kirkus Reviews

"Equal parts heartwarming and hilarious." ― The Skimm

"Sweet and steamy!" ― USA Today

"In a Holidaze is everything I've ever wanted in a wintry love story. As hilarious as it is sweet, and sexy as it is tender, this story is pure, irresistible magic from start to finish. I couldn't possibly love this book any more-my favorite Christina Lauren novel yet!" -- Emily Henry, New York Times bestselling author of Beach Read

"Christina Lauren's In a Holidaze is the perfect fresh take on finding your joy and falling in love. One page in and you want to put up your tree at all times of the year, sip hot cocoa, and dive into a marvelous cast of characters while staying on your toes as to what will happen next." -- New York Times bestselling author Carrie Ann Ryan

"An absolutely dazzling holiday romance: clever and cozy and deliciously sexy, with a cast of characters and a spirit-of-the-season lesson you won't soon forget." -- Kate Clayborn, author of Love Lettering

"Sweet and hilarious, In a Holidaze is the story of a woman who is given another chance... Christina Lauren's fans are sure to love this lighthearted novel, perfect for those who liked Groundhog Day or Life After Life." ― Shelf Awareness

"Sexy, festive, and heartwarming, In A Holidaze is the perfect book to read as you curl up under a blanket near a fire this holiday season." ―

"This funny romantic comedy is one you won't want to put down...This hysterical sto...

Readers Top Reviews

I really enjoyed this Groundhog Day inspired book. It was a quick, lighthearted and heartwarming read. Although the book isn’t as Christmas focussed as I had expected it to be, it does not disappoint with the festive feels through the romance and family storylines.
Sara (thebookwebb)
So this was my first ever Christmas read. I am not usually into the romance genre, unless it is part of a fantasy novel with lots of action going on too, so I wasn't sure how much I would like this. However I was completely surprised. I loved it right from the start. There was an unusual concept that meant it wasn't a straight forward romance, which intrigued me early on. The characters were all really likeable and I found myself wishing I was part of their family/friendship group and spending Christmas with them all in the cosy cabin. I loved the sense of everyone making room for each other and bunking down together. These people all really cared for one another and it made such a nice change reading about those kind of relationships. The romance in question was very real, as in, it had it's ups and downs and wasn't always straight forward. Equally the initmate scenes were also realistic and not dressed up or made to sound like some 'mills and boon' type romance where the woman is overwhelmed by the strong man and everything is hot and perfect. The fact that it wasn't hot and perfect made it sweet, sexy and romantic. I am really glad that I opened myself up to a genre I wouldn't usually read and I will definitely be reading a Christina Lauren book again in the future.
Elaine Fairfield
This book is a heartwarming Christmas romance with a Groundhog Day edge; it’s unlike any other Christmas read out there. Maelyn and Andrew are 26 and 29 years old, but you’d be forgiven for thinking you’re reading a YA novel because within the holiday cabin, where several families vacation together each Christmas, they are the two of the “children” of the group. That’s not to say this is suitable for under 18s though (it’s not!). The book features an array of colourful characters; each of them adding something different to the story. Maelyn and Andrew’s budding relationship was beautiful to watch, and at times more than that (🔥). And then there was the bond between Maelyn and Benny! If I could capture that essence and provide someone like that for every young woman growing up… 😊 The events in the book were at times hilarious, sometimes frustrating and sad, but I was constantly gripped. I usually have a few books on the go at the same time, but after I started reading In a Holidaze, I pushed the others aside and insisted on only reading this one - I had to know what happened! This book could quite easily become an annual read for me
Erin Kirsty
In a Holidaze is @christinalauren’s latest standalone and is perfect for the run up to the holiday season. We are huge fans of Christina & Lauren and I’ve got to say this is probably my second favourite standalone of theirs, up there after the masterpiece that was The Unhoneymooners! ⁣ ⁣ This story is all about Maelyn Jones. After enjoying her families annual holiday trip she finds herself thrown back in time and stuck in a ‘Groundhog Day’ time loop, repeating the holiday over and over again. ⁣ ⁣ As well as the excellent execution of the time loop Mae finds herself in I really loved the transition of Mae and Andrew’s relationship from childhood friends to lovers. The chemistry and heat between the characters, once intentions are clear, is classic Christina Lauren and the sex scenes land somewhere between The Unhoneymooners and the Beautiful series in terms of raunchiness. ⁣ ⁣ I really loved Benny’s character and the focus on the annual family gathering was so relatable. We are in a group of families who often go away together over the festive season so I could really relate to that aspect of the story. ⁣ ⁣ I would absolutely love to see this turned into a film, it was perfect in every way and I think this might be one of my favourite Christmassy books!
Amber GolebChelsey (
This is one of those books that I liked but didn't like at the same time. I feel like this team of authors is a hit or miss for me. I either really love their books, or I am just "eh" with their books. With this one, I'm a little above "eh" but not in love. I like the premise of the plot. It's cute. And I thought it would be fun. Each time that time went back to the same day, I found myself a little bored. I just wanted the story to get on with the good stuff. I started to lose patience with the whole "groundhog day" scenario. The characters were okay for me. I didn't love them, but I did like them. I did want to see them get their happily ever after given everything that happens in the book. I just didn't feel a huge connection with them until isht hit the fan. Then all bets were off. Overall, this is a cute book. I may have been a little underwhelmed in the first part of the book, but it did pick up. I am glad I read it. It's sure to be a hit with many!

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