Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook. #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER - book cover
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  • Publisher : Alpha
  • Published : 14 Sep 2021
  • Pages : 264
  • ISBN-10 : 1615649980
  • ISBN-13 : 9781615649983
  • Language : English

Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook. #1 NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER

A Weissman once said…

"...can we please stop with the barrage of 2.3 second meals that only need 1 ingredient? I get it…we’re busy. But let’s refocus on the fact that beautifully crafted burgers don't grow on trees."
Ironically this sounds a lot like he's trying to convince you to cook, but he's really not. Is this selling the cookbook? The point is that the food in this book is an invitation that speaks for itself. Great cooking does, and should, take time. Now is the time to double down and get your head in the cooking game. Or you know, don't. Maybe get someone else to cook this stuff for you...that works too.
How can you know if something is your favorite if 50 to 80 percent of the stuff you've been eating was made by someone else? Butter, condiments, cheese, pickles, patties, and buns. For a superior and potentially even life-changing experience, you can (and should, to be honest) make these from scratch. Create the building blocks necessary to make the greatest meal of your life. 
While you're at it, give it the Joshua Weissman—or your own—twist. As Joshua would say, “If you don’t like blue cheese, then don’t use blue cheese.” From simple staples to gourmet to deep-fried, you are the master of your own kitchen, and you'll make it all, on your terms.
With no regrets, excuses, or apologies, Joshua Weissman will instruct you how with his irreverent humor, a little bit of light razzing, and over 100 perfectly delectable recipes. 
If you love to host and entertain; if you like a good project; if you crave control of your food; if fast food or the frozen aisle or the super-fast-super-easy cookbook keep letting your tastebuds down; then Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook is your ideal kitchen companion.

Editorial Reviews

"Weissman's agenda to 'stop putting the past on a pedestal' needs no apology and is well supported in this work, which encourages readers to develop their own sense of cooking intuition while maintaining a grasp of the basics."-Publishers Weekly

"Not only do these recipes teach the fundamentals of cooking, but they also are designed to impress and are perfect for first-time entertainers and anyone building a weeknight repertoire. Designed for the new home cook, Joshua Weissman: An Unapologetic Cookbook delivers solid instruction, tasty recipes, and plenty of twists for experienced chefs to enjoy as well."-Booklist

Readers Top Reviews

Absolutely love this book. Fantastic recipes and beautiful pictures. I am so grateful for the metric measurements as well, a big thank you for that! I have been following Joshua’s YouTube channel for a while and have baked/prepared countless breads etc. following his recipes. I swear ALL are faultless and many have become our family’s regular “must-have”s. Especially the bread recipes, I call them magic recipes. Just superb quality and flavour. I can keep raving forever, but instead I’ll just say love the book and many congrats to Joshua for his first book release. Will be excitedly waiting for the next one :)
I first came across Joshua at the beginning of 2020 as a Youtube channel that had food (yum), jokes and a strong theme of enjoyment and lightheartedness. Over the next year (and a bit) I really grew to love watching Josh's "but better" and "but cheaper" and of course his baking. While the world started it's sourdough journey so did I, but under the parasocial teaching of someone who knows how to cook but also knows how to have shed-loads of fun, make a well placed dirty joke and to always name his dough a stupid name. The Cookbook loses none of Josh's humour or love of food - the concepts of taking what food you love and building an appreciation by making it yourself to really build a love of food and cooking are throughout. The recipes are build-able, starting simple and giving you room to grow and experiment with the building blocks of tried and tested recipes and are presented and shot in beautiful and inviting ways. This book would be perfect for those who enjoy perfecting the pillars of good food but also for those venturing out into the world of cooking for the first time. For me Josh reignited my love of cooking by bringing me back to those staples I thought I had down ( I can cook a steak, right?) to challenging if a fast-food joint burger can really stand up to one I lovingly made myself (Hello "better than Popeyes chicken sandwich" and "smash burgers"). So Papa, thank you for making this book. But, do you know what's stacked better than an Amazon warehouse?........ B-roll!
linda galella
putting the past on a pedestal, and just make something that’s f-ing delicious.” So begins the irreverent, “Unapologetic Cookbook”, by Joshua Weissman! This is not a cookbook for food snobs. It’s a companion for folks who want to make great tasting food with normal ingredients, take their time and enjoy the fruits, carbs, meats and everything thing else they labored over when done. There’s no “light” foods, diet fads, calorie counts or daily values for anything else. What you will find is a picture for every single finished dish - glory hallelujah! You’ll find directions that mere mortals can follow and when stuff is a little bit difficult, there are pictures to follow. This book is exactly what newbies need and a seasoned chef will reminisce over. Weissman covers all the standard categories but begins by teaching readers/cooks how to make staple items themselves in the first two chapters, should they opt for using the best rather than buying some at the store; things like: pickled things, fermented things, jams, nut butters, broths, butters, cheeses, sauces and breads. There’s an huge section on how to do various types of baked stuff, including pretzels, my favorite! After learning the staples, the standard categories incorporate them, (or you can use commercial), into: ~ breakfast ~ appetizer or snack ~ fish ~ meat ~ pasta & sandwiches ~ vegetables & salads ~ soup ~ dessert There are not a lot of recipes under each category but those that are there look comforting, inviting, delicious and are easily enhanced to meet any palate. No food plans to follow or agendas being hammered, other than to make and enjoy good food, and Joshua Weissman has done it with finesse and a good natured raised middle digit; Bon Appetite ?