Jujutsu Kaisen, Vol. 4 (4) - book cover
Literature & Fiction
  • Publisher : VIZ Media LLC; Illustrated edition
  • Published : 02 Jun 2020
  • Pages : 200
  • ISBN-10 : 1974714802
  • ISBN-13 : 9781974714803
  • Language : English

Jujutsu Kaisen, Vol. 4 (4)

To gain the power he needs to save his friend from a cursed spirit, Yuji Itadori swallows a piece of a demon, only to find himself caught in the midst of a horrific war of the supernatural!

In a world where cursed spirits feed on unsuspecting humans, fragments of the legendary and feared demon Ryomen Sukuna were lost and scattered about. Should any demon consume Sukuna's body parts, the power they gain could destroy the world as we know it. Fortunately, there exists a mysterious school of Jujutsu Sorcerers who exist to protect the precarious existence of the living from the supernatural!

While investigating a strange set of mysterious deaths, Itadori meets Junpei, a troubled kid who is often bullied at school. However, Junpei is also befriended by the culprit behind the bloody incident-Mahito, a mischievous cursed spirit! Mahito sets in motion a devious plan involving Junpei, hoping to ensnare Itadori as well.

Readers Top Reviews

albertoTheresa Barrm
This is one of the hardest series to collect in my collection so far so I was excited when this came back In stock I’m still missing 0 and 1 !!! The book came in excellent condition so thank god 😩*THE BOOK IS SUPPOSED TO BE BACKWARDS JAPANESE READ BACKWARDS FROM ENGLISH*
Why is this book cover placed backwards and upside down? Or is that how book is supposed to be?lol but my son is super happy with his book
Kimberley Funcion
This arc made me so sad because of what happened to Junpei, but I love the growth of Itadori and we get to be introduced with the other students of Kyoto
Leslye Balderas
The packaging was great. It was in a cardboard instead of plastic bag so I was really happy. It came in great condition!!! I love jjk so much.
BeeCheryl Jones-Smit
The series in general is fantastic but the quality of the book when received wasn’t great. I had rips on the spine and the cover was crinkled. Kind of upset since I use them as collector’s. Maybe if they shipped them in boxes it would be better.

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