Kolymsky Heights - book cover
Thrillers & Suspense
  • Publisher : Faber & Faber; Reissue edition
  • Published : 14 Mar 2017
  • Pages : 496
  • ISBN-10 : 0571333877
  • ISBN-13 : 9780571333875
  • Language : English

Kolymsky Heights

"Terrific" - Washington Post "The best thriller I have ever read!" - Phillip Pullman Kolymsky Heights. A Siberian permafrost hell lost in endless nights, the perfect setting for an underground Russian research station. It's a place so secret it doesn't officially exist; once there, the scientists are forbidden to leave. But one scientist is desperate to get a message to the outside world. So desperate, he sends a plea across the wildness to the West in order to summon the one man alive capable of achieving the impossible ...

Fast-moving, exhilarating and starring a highly unusual hero, Kolymsky Heights is an unforgettable thriller with a spectacular denouement.

Editorial Reviews

"The best thriller I have ever read!" - Phillip Pullman -- Phillip Pullman

Readers Top Reviews

DonGXimen QingNesbit
Good spy thriller. Takes place in Siberia and I got chilled in more than one way while reading it.
William H. BischoffR
Doesn't meet the breathlessly hyped reviews on the dust cover - too long, scattershot & ultimately unsatisfying. Any of the James Bond stories would be more enjoyable. Bill BIschoff
S. Chandran
Gripping thriller. Excellent writing, plot and suspense. Old is gold.
Art Booklover
Lionel Davidson may have written this late in his career but this may be his best novel. As usual you are misled through a maze of detail that seem unrelated to the plot but wait for it, it's coming. A big book of adventure that keeps building with the final third requiring a straight through read. Never heard of the author before reading a magazine that mentioned his books and glad I bought it. So were the people who borrowed my copy.
D. Fairbanks
This story takes you right inside the head of the main character. Every action he takes as he progresses along his mission is explained but not to the point of being laborious. I read it some years ago, then read it again some months ago & then realised I had missed out on the end for some reason. The last part is mind blowing......I did not have dry eyes by the time I finished! There is a film out or coming out I believe, but I can not understand how this book could be recreated on the screen. Read it before you see the film!! ENJOY!

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