Rezoom: The Powerful Reframe to End the Crash-and-Burn Cycle of Food Addiction - book cover
Diets & Weight Loss
  • Publisher : Hay House Inc.
  • Published : 28 Dec 2021
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN-10 : 1401959075
  • ISBN-13 : 9781401959074
  • Language : English

Rezoom: The Powerful Reframe to End the Crash-and-Burn Cycle of Food Addiction

End the cycle of relapse and yo-yo dieting to create sustained weight loss and lasting recovery by embracing a total reframe on food addiction from the New York Times best-selling author of Bright Line Eating.

"An excellent guide. Susan Peirce Thompson provides a practical plan for change. This book is a roadmap to better eating habits and a better life."
 -- James Clear, #1 New York Times best-selling author of Atomic Habits
Do you think excessively about your food and weight? Are you plagued by food cravings? Do you wonder how other people get "full" so quickly while you just want to keep eating? Are you able to go long stretches with your program, only to crash and burn and have to dig out of the ditch-yet again?

Not only is food addiction very real, it's the hardest addiction to beat. It's exhausting and demoralizing. But there is a solution.

With her groundbreaking Rezoom Reframe, Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D., founder of Bright Line Eating, offers a new way to conceptualize food recovery. She shares the essential steps to avoiding the short-lived highs and vicious lows of relapse by helping you understand the psychological and biological origins of addiction and then giving you the system to break free. Woven throughout are lessons from Everett Considine, acclaimed Internal Family Systems practitioner, to help you overcome your inner resistance so you can finally stay on track in those moments of self-sabotage.

It is possible to live free from the tyranny of relapse. Let Susan and Everett help you to permanently unshackle yourself, find the sustainable way to manage your food, and enjoy your brightest life.

Editorial Reviews

"Nobody gives people the tools to transform their food from a health liability to a longevity asset like Susan Peirce Thompson. Bright Line Eating is truly life-saving for people who have struggled for years to unshackle themselves from the scourge of processed-food addiction." - Mark Hyman, M.D., New York Times best-selling author of The Pegan Diet

"I urge every doctor, therapist, health care practitioner, and most importantly every patient to read this book. Rezoom concisely and compassionately explains the emotional overlay that is a part of every person's interaction with food, and provides tools and skills that are game-changing for the occasional emotional eater clear to the raging food addict." - Wayne Dysinger, M.D., Board Chair, American Board of Lifestyle Medicine

"Therapists, social workers, eating disorders experts, and clinicians are unwittingly harming their patients when they spread the notion that food addiction is ‘controversial.' The neuroscience is clear: food addiction is real. This book contains the best, scientifically based path to healing that I have seen." - Dr. Joy Jacobs, J.D., Ph.D., eating disorders specialist and clinical faculty in Psychiatry, University of California San Diego School of Medicine

"From the founding of Bright Line Eating, I have witnessed firsthand the astounding results for people in our community struggling with tenacious food addiction. They are healing their bodies and minds at extraordinary rates never before documented, while turning away from the toxic industrial processed food complex and healing our planet." - John Robbins, best-selling author of Diet for a New America and President, Food Revolution Network

"If you suffer from a food addiction, this is the book that will set you free. It is brilliant, beautifully written, and desperately needed. Dr. Thompson's program not only works for weight loss, but it also works for optimal nutrition and health." - Brenda Davis, RD, plant-based pioneer, speaker, and co-author of Nourish

"As a pediatrician with three decades of experience, the increasing rate of intractable obesity among my adolescent patients is nothing short of heartbreaking. I am so grateful to Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson and Bright Line Eating for this material contribution to saving me and the lives of my patients. She has changed my life and my practice, and she can change our world." - Judi A. Krogstad, M.D., Pediatric Medical Advisor, Fresno Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery Program