The Betrayed - book cover
Literature & Fiction
  • Publisher : HarperTeen
  • Published : 29 Jun 2021
  • Pages : 304
  • ISBN-10 : 0062291661
  • ISBN-13 : 9780062291660
  • Language : English

The Betrayed

Kiera Cass brings another sparkling romance to a stunning conclusion in this sequel to the instant #1 New York Times bestseller The Betrothed.

Can you follow your heart when it's already broken?

After fleeing Coroa and leaving the memory of her beloved Silas behind, Hollis is unsteadily adjusting to life in Isolte. The Eastoffe family's affection is a balm on her weary spirit, though Etan, a surly cousin with a deep distaste for Coroans, threatens to upset the uneasy peace she's found.

While tensions at home ratchet up, disquiet in the kingdom of Isolte is reaching a fever pitch. The Eastoffes may have the power to unseat a tyrannical king-but only with Hollis's help.

Can a girl who's lost it all put the fate of her adopted homeland over the secret longings of her heart?

Editorial Reviews

PRAISE FOR THE BETROTHED: "Fans of The Selection series will anxiously await the second installment of this duology to learn Hollis's fate."

-- School Library Journal

"A headstrong heroine whom Cass's loyal following will champion."
-- Publishers Weekly

PRAISE FOR KIERA CASS: "A real page-turner. Romance, royalty, and revolution in a reality-show format serve Cass' boldly rendered heroine well in her quest for justice and love."
-- ALA Booklist

"America has the right mix of sass and heart, and her over-the-top royal treatment is enough to make any reader who has ever played dress-up envious. Cass wisely keeps readers on the edge of their seats to find out who Maxon will finally choose as his bride."
-- Publishers Weekly

"An engrossing tale reminiscent of Shannon Hale's Princess Academy and Ally Condie's Matched. Fairy-tale lovers will lose themselves in America's alternate reality and wish that the next glamorous sequel were waiting for them."
-- School Library Journal

"Deliciously entertaining."
-- Publishers Weekly

"Cass's immensely readable debut novel is a less drastic Hunger Games, with elaborate fashion and trappings. The fast-paced action will have readers gasping for the upcoming sequel."
-- ALA Booklist

"A cross between The Hunger Games (minus the bloodsport) and The Bachelor (minus the bloodsport), this trilogy launch is a lot of fun. Cass deftly builds the chemistry between America and Maxon, while stoking the embers of America's first, forbidden love."
-- Publishers Weekly

Readers Top Reviews

MarenKieraEmi Boucha
I LOVED the Selection series. I read it almost yearly. This series just fell a bit flat for me. The heroine was much more likable in this book, and the plot was less scattered than the first (which I would give a 2.0 rating), but overall I just can't bring myself to truly enjoy these books. The ending did not seem to tie up all the loose ends for me, and I just felt there was more that could have been written that would have fleshed it out. In fact, I thought my book was sent with the wrong number of pages at first, given there is no indication that the end is the end and there were no acknowledgements or anything. Sad to see this series fall flat, but I'm still hopeful for what the author will write in the future!
Victoria Hinkle
I honestly felt like this book was very predictable; till the last few chapters where there were finally some twists I wasn’t expecting! And up to the last few paragraphs I wasn’t sure I was going to be happy with the ending. But thankfully she threw in one more twist at the end that I felt actually made the whole book worth the read. I do admire Hallis’ strength and perseverance to continue on and “fight” for what she believes is right! Eton was a great match for her & I was glad he could finally see the good in her.
I enjoyed reading "The Betrothed" and was really looking forward to the sequel. In my head, I thought I had it figured out how the story would end, but I was wrong in several ways and was pleasantly surprised. I think Hollis would be a better character if she took time to get to know her suitors before becoming engaged and head over heels in love after a stolen kiss or two. Overall a good read that kept me interested enough to read in a short time period.
Davia KrupaGeorge Ba
I agree with the other reviews disappointed in the predictability of this series. The Selection Series, while having convenient occurrences, was at least well thought out and refreshing. These books left me rolling my eyes multiple times. By biggest issue was Hollis’ habit of falling in love at the drop of a hat, to three different men. And not just her. To refrain from too many spoilers, the convenient ending of the last relationships in the main characters way was just as rushed as every other love connection. If she had at least spread the books over a year or two, the relationships would have been at least believable. But in the span of a month or so Hollis goes between three men?! Not likely. Or if so, it makes her character completely unappealing. Hopefully wherever the author goes next, she fleshes the characters, timeframe, and events better.
To those who hated on the first book? You need to read *this* one. I gave book one three stars, but I’m giving this one four. It was much more interesting, well planned/played out, and highlighted popular themes and tropes such as enemies to lovers, forbidden romance, revenge, royalty, and racial injustice and equality. From a reading/writing standpoint, I would’ve liked to see some differences for smoother flow and less filler verbs. As a whole, I enjoyed the book and it made for a great buddy read with my mom and sister. It was clean, but with angst and a good driven plot. I don’t want to say too much, as I don’t want to spoil, but I’d also have liked to see a fuller ending. It felt a little rushed, but just barely. I wanted to find out what happened next, or have a little more closure, but I believe this was the last book and that this is planned on remaining a duology. Overall, I rate this book: 🌟🌟🌟🌟/5 Stars

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