The Hating Game - book cover
  • Publisher : William Morrow; Reprint edition
  • Published : 30 Mar 2021
  • Pages : 416
  • ISBN-10 : 0063063530
  • ISBN-13 : 9780063063532
  • Language : English

The Hating Game

USA Today bestselling author Sally Thorne bursts on the scene with a hilarious and sexy workplace comedy all about that thin, fine line between hate and love.

Lucy Hutton has always believed that the nice girl can get the corner office. She's charming and accommodating and prides herself on being loved by everyone. Everyone except sarcastic, cynical, and intimidating Joshua Templeman. Her nemesis.

Josh is the dark and brooding to Lucy's light and cheery, the crisp pressed suit to her retro outfits and bright red lipstick. And he gets under her skin like no one else can. Trapped in a shared office together five days a week, they've become entrenched in an addictive, never-ending game of one-upmanship.

When a new executive position is announced, Josh and Lucy are top contenders for the promotion, but the idea of working for the other is so unthinkable that they strike a deal: whoever doesn't get the job will walk away. The stakes have never been higher and as the competition heats up and the barriers between them begin to fall down, Lucy starts questioning just who her opponent truly is and whether this man she's hated all this time is even the real Josh.

Maybe Lucy Hutton doesn't hate Joshua Templeman. And maybe, he doesn't hate her either.

Editorial Reviews

"‘Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love,' says Lucy Hutton, who can't stand fellow executive assistant Joshua. There's only one place this could go…but it's good fun getting there." -- People

"Sally Thorne satisfies hearts longing for laughter in their love stories….Their battle of wits is tremendously fun-acerbic and sexy and filled with tension. The result is a wicked, witty romance that will capture readers' hearts long before Joshua manages to capture Lucy's." -- Sarah MacLean, Washington Post

"Five feet tall and a total oddball, [Lucy] carries the plot by being engagingly self-deprecating, quick-witted and funny. There's not even an infinitesimal flicker of doubt about where the story is headed, but along the way Thorne reveals an astute command of office politics and the often demeaning realities of workplace dynamics for women. The chemistry between Lucy and Joshua is also gratifying, with both seeming like fully conceived characters rather than passive stereotypes. If there's nothing new to discern here, it's at least a vibrant take on an old standard." -- New York Times Book Review

"If you miss romantic comedies, the kind that were so funny, you would pay $15 to see them in the theater-plus the cost of popcorn and candy-this novel will make you very happy indeed...The rising tension and Thorne's biting dialogue will make you wish for the romantic comedies of days gone by-or just more books like this one." -- NPR Books

"A breezy tale perfect for a day at the beach, this one's a real winner." -- Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

"A brilliant, biting, hilarious new voice. THE HATING GAME will take the rom-com world by storm. One of the best I've read, ever." -- Kristan Higgins, New York Times bestselling author

"Funny, smart, fresh, and thoroughly enjoyable from the first delicious page to the last. I highly recommend." -- Susan Elizabeth Phillips, New York Times bestselling author

"Thorne is a strong writer and one to watch. Her debut will have readers rooting for both Lucy and Joshua in whatever games they play." -- Library Journal

"An addictive, dazzling debut. The Hating Game is bursting at the seams with love (and hate) and heart." -- Christina Lauren, New York Times bestselling author

"Deliciously fun and super sexy, Sally Thorne's The Hating Game stole my life for two days. I couldn't put it down until Lucy and Josh's all-consuming hateship changed into a tentative friendship and then a juicy, tender, adorable love." -- M...

Readers Top Reviews

The Hating Game was recommended to me by a friend and I'm so thankful that she did as this is such a fabulous and lovely enemies to lovers read. I thoroughly enjoyed witnessing the interactions between Lucy and Josh who work in the same office. Lucy is the girl that everyone loves. She's warm, kind, helpful and gives her all in everything she undertakes. Josh has a bit of a reputation and it's not a good one! He's not liked by many people as he's cold, ruthless and heartless..... or is he? The author made me feel totally guilty of my initial feelings about Josh. The saying is to 'never judge a book by its cover' and I totally did with him, and I can imagine many other readers did too. I really do love a story that has an affect on me and has me thinking long after I've closed the book. I must remember to consider that maybe there are reasons for someones actions- a lesson learned! This story will have you feeling all the emotions. I laughed, cried and was sitting on the edge of my seat at times. I would have loved more of Lucy and Josh's story, and that's because I wasn't ready to say goodbye to them both - one sign of a great read! I would totally recommend for you to read this book, as I know you will enjoy it as much as I did.
I'm going to start this by asking: IS IT POSSIBLE TO MARRY A BOOK? BECAUSE I WOULD CHOOSE THIS ONE There's just so much that I loved about this book, like I had a feeling that I would like it because I'm a sucker for the two things featured in it: slow burn romance and the enemies to lovers trope. But I never thought I would love this book so much. Sally Thorne honestly nailed it when it comes to creating complex characters that have their fair share of angsty emotions without being wayyyy to angsty which is often the case for some books. I absolutely loved Josh and Lucy and their office banter was just hilarious, the small characteristics of each character were thrown in so casually but they just endeared me to them both even more! The different games which they played were pretty funny and I could almost visualise their antics which made it that bit more funnier. But it obviously wasn't all about being funny, there was a deeper plot running throughout which was revealed in the more serious parts but even in the bits which were less serious. The love story which ensued pulled at my heartstrings for so many reasons, its cuteness, the depth of their hidden feelings, and the anticipation of seeing how it all pans out are only some of them. The ending was also perfect for me and I probably re-read it like 10 times before I put the book down, it was so worth the wait! I'm absolutely sure anybody who reads this close it with a big smile on their face (like me) and struggle to put it down (also like me)
Kindle KonvertMan
OH MY! This novel debuted in August 2016 but it’s a Top Read 2017 for me! It’s a slow-burn, enemies-to-lovers, office romance. “I have a theory. Hating someone feels disturbingly similar to being in love with them.” Joshua Templeman is tall, dark and handsome, but also humourless, icy and unrelenting in his pursuit to make Lucy’s life a misery. From the first day they met, when he completely blanked her sunny smile, they’ve been rivals and enemies. They play games of one-upmanship and tit-for-tat. “I’m getting dangerously high on his smiles. This is my third one now? I’m stuffing them in my pockets. I’m cramming them into my mouth.” Lucy Hutton is a five-foot-nothing firecracker who resembles a Disney princess. She gives back as good as she gets but, deep down, yearns to be Joshua’s friend. Why didn’t he want to be her friend? They sit day-in day-out playing various games – the Mirror Game, the Staring Game, the HR game. Lucy thinks the aim of the games is to make the other one smile. That was never Josh’s aim. When a new promotion comes up for grabs, the Hating Game begins, but one insane, hot moment in the elevator throws Lucy completely off-kilter, followed by a night of sickness where her enemy shows a hidden side to himself, and her view and perception of Josh starts to unravel. “Shortcake.” The sweet little word dissolves and I swallow. “I’m not going to kill you. You’re so dramatic. “ Then he presses his mouth lightly against mine. I just LOVED everything about this book!! It was refreshing and I adored the author’s writing style. I found the story funny and moving. I loved the hate-flirting, the witty dialogue, the sexy, slow romance of Josh and Lucy’s budding relationship, and the trust and the truths that emerge. I loved how much they understood one another. Once they crossed the enemy line, all their animosity translated and transformed into some electric foreplay. This story made laugh and it made me cry. The conclusion made me melt so much that I was just a useless, slushy puddle by the time I read the final line. Gah! Just a FABULOUS book and I cannot recommend it enough! I’m chomping at the bit for this author’s next release. Cannot wait!!
Lucy works opposite Josh every single day. They do the same job. They play the same games. Lucy hates Josh and Josh hates Lucy. Welcome to The Hating Game. I was sooooooo convinced that I would love this as so many people do. Unfortunately I was left very disappointed. It irritated the hell out of me. These people (who are pretty high up in the company might I add) do 0 work, they just play games with each other all day. Lucy's password is something like IHateJosh4eva - really?! I know it is a bit of fun but I just found it really frustrating. Also - Josh does some weird things which didn't sit well with me. He loses the plot a little whenever Lucy deals with her colleague Danny in a way which I didn't find ok. I actually found him a little controlling. And, the colour of his room? One word - weird. Lucy's inner dialogue is something I also struggled with, its pretty erratic and sometimes I got myself confused with what I was reading and had to re-read it. I just didn't get it, they both say and do very weird, childish things throughout. Yes there were some super cute moments and these are the reason I ended up giving it 3 stars but overall, I was very underwhelmed. BUT, I have a feeling I will love the film (LOL)

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