The Step-by-Step Instant Pot Cookbook: 100 Simple Recipes for Spectacular Results -- with Photographs of Every Step - book cover
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  • Publisher : Voracious
  • Published : 14 Apr 2020
  • Pages : 272
  • ISBN-10 : 0316460834
  • ISBN-13 : 9780316460835
  • Language : English

The Step-by-Step Instant Pot Cookbook: 100 Simple Recipes for Spectacular Results -- with Photographs of Every Step

NATIONAL BESTSELLERThe easiest-to-follow Instant Pot cookbook ever: 100 delicious recipes with more than 750 photographs guiding you every step of the way
Jeffrey Eisner's popular Pressure Luck Cooking website and YouTube channel have shown millions of home cooks how to make magic in their Instant Pots. Now Eisner takes the patient, fun, step-by-step approach that made him an online phenomenon and delivers a cookbook of 100 essential dishes that will demystify pressure cooking for Instant Pot users of all abilities--and put an astounding dinner on the table in a flash.
Every flavor-filled recipe in this book is illustrated with clear photographs showing exactly what to do in each step. There are no surprises: no hard-to-find ingredients, no fussy extra techniques, and nothing even the most reluctant cooks can't master in moments. What you see is truly what you get, in delicious and simple dishes such as:Mac & CheeseQuick Quinoa Salad French Onion ChickenEisner's popular Best-Ever Pot RoastRatatouille StewAnd even desserts such as Bananas Foster and Crème Brulée.

Readers Top Reviews

Alixandra HiceMr Ted
I just received (a day early!) my copy of Jeffrey Eisner’s new Instant Pot cookbook “The Step-by-Step Instant Pot Cookbook” and it does not disappoint. At first glance I see some of his tried-and-true favorites from his phenomenally popular Pressure Luck series, and some new enticing recipes. In his traditional style, the book is laid out in steps and the instructions are simple and easy to follow. The photographs are abundant for that reason (thanks Jeff) and the layout is perfect for novices and seasoned Instant Potters alike. Jeff taught me how not to be afraid of my Instant Pot, and I have enjoyed his recipes for a long while. I am a good bit fatter since becoming acquainted, but that’s not a bad thing, right? Very pleased with this book and am eager to get cooking to try some new dishes while simultaneously having a handy reference for many of my established favorite Pressure Luck dishes. Your community of followers thanks you, Jeff. Well done. Proud of you. Looking forward to your next book of deliciousness.
Last year I discovered my instant pot and in searching for good recipes, I happened upon Jeffrey's you tube videos and found the recipes I tried there to be absolutely amazing to make and eat. My family is so grateful! I had to get this book as soon as it came out. The Chili, goulash, arroz con pollo and sausage and shells are some of my very favorites. This book is beautifully presented with lots of pictures of each step of the process during the making of a recipe. This book does NOT include all of Jeff's great recipes (for example, I love his Polynesian chicken which is not here), so keep looking at this blog and you tube videos for more. Honestly, this book is a must have for instant pot people.
This book is awesome! It is easy to read and contains all the info you need to create the simple, delicious recipes that Pressure Luck is known for. Lots of clear photos of each step in the recipe make it so easy to follow. Very impressed with the Basics section and information on the different kinds of Instant Pot displays. A lot of very helpful information for a beginner, but also recommended for those with a lot of experience with their own IP creations. A very nice, quality binding, and it will be a welcome addition to my kitchen staples. I can't wait to create a meal plan to get started trying them all! The only thing missing in this book is a picture of Jeffrey's smiling face showing off the completed meal for each recipe. We love Jeffrey's positive, happy attitude which keeps us coming back for more! ~ Note: I am not paid, or affiliated with Pressure Luck in any way. Just a big fan of his cooking!
James Wyatt
Quite a while ago, I stumbled into his "Pressure Luck" videos on YouTube & eventually drooled my way to a store for an Instant Pot. "Jeffrey, The Instant Pot Pied Piper." All my friends are calling me the master chef when I tried the Barbecue Ribs (pg. 175) & Mac & Cheese (pg. 32). In this book, you have some favorites, and I believe some brand spanking new recipes, so easy & broken down, that a kid could do it. Included is a primer on how to use an Instant Pot for all the different models. Also, basic items & ingredients to have on you. The categories are Basics, Soups & Stews, Pasta, Rice, Poultry, Meat, Seafood, Vegetables & Sides, & Dessert. These are family-approved recipes that they'll be wanting to come back to, time & time again.
Miss Barbara
Full disclosure – I’ve been a fan of Jeff Eisner for a long time now. I stumbled across his social media pages when I first got my Instant Pot. He was the one who got me beyond my initial fear of using the dreaded and scary pressure cooker. Now it’s Eisner’s recipes that I turn to when I want to show off my cooking poweress in the kitchen (I have none, I’m a formerly bad cook, but now that I’m an Eisner copy-cat my friends don’t suspect). Now to the book. I’ve reviewed a lot of IP cookbooks. For me they have to have several functions. 1. There has to be an information header that gives prep time, pressure build up time, cook time, release time, and servings. 2. The ingredients must be items I can obtain easily. I don’t do trips to South America for some rare herb. I go as far as the local Kroeger’s. 3. It want lots of pictures. Pictures of the process plus pictures of the finished product. 4. I want a mix of recipes. Some that may be healthy. Some that are possibly gut-busting comfort food. This book has checked every box. As I look over the index I see some old favorites plus many I’ve yet to try. The book starts with the Basics which includes a baked potato – wow, didn’t know you could do that. Then there’s soups & stews. This has the best chili you’ll ever make be it in an IP or in a cast iron kettle over a camp fire. #1. Guaranteed. Then there’s Rice, Poultry and the Pasta section. On to Meat with Eisner’s famous Jewish brisket. There’s also Seafood, Veggies and Desserts. It’s all here. You may have seen him cooking on GMA or Rachael Ray. He’s become a big thing these days but he’s is still my favorite kiddo from NY with the cutest dog on social media. Yeah, Banjo, I’m talkin’ ‘bout you.

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