The Ultimate Bathroom Reader: Interesting Stories, Fun Facts and Just Crazy Weird Stuff to Keep You Entertained on the Throne! (Perfect Gag Gift) - book cover
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  • Publisher : LAK Publishing
  • Published : 20 Jul 2021
  • Pages : 206
  • ISBN-10 : 1648450806
  • ISBN-13 : 9781648450808
  • Language : English

The Ultimate Bathroom Reader: Interesting Stories, Fun Facts and Just Crazy Weird Stuff to Keep You Entertained on the Throne! (Perfect Gag Gift)

Who doesn't love a bit of random trivia now and then?

Or, for that matter, who doesn't enjoy plucking some obscure tidbit of information from the back of their mind and dropping it into conversation?

Pick up The Ultimate Bathroom Reader, your ultimate source of interesting facts about a wide range of diverse topics.

This book is truly a quick read packed with information from cover to cover.

In this amazing trivia book, you will find out:

Why did the nation of Sudan crash out of the Top 10 largest countries in 2011?
Why did everyone at the very first Oscars' ceremony already know who the winners would be?Why did the people of New York riot over the price of flour in 1837?How likely are you to be hit by the ball while in the stands of a baseball match?And so many more questions!Collected here are some of the world's most peculiar, astonishing, weird, and wacky facts and anecdotes, covering everything from sports to space travel, movies to medicine, Sherlock Holmes to Shakespeare, and football to pharaohs.

In simple terms, that is what The Ultimate Bathroom Reader is all about.

All of these facts plus hundreds more are listed here, in simple, bite-size chunks-with a few pop quizzes thrown in just to keep your brain ticking over! Who knows what you might pick up if you have a couple of minutes to spare?

Grab your copy right now and start having fun!

Readers Top Reviews

snoronPaul WaxmanPau
Another great installment from a great author. I am always waiting for his next release to learn something new. My grandkids really love to read his books and try to challenge me (which they win) with the knowledge they learn from the books. You will never go wrong with this author! He is always challenging your mind. I used fact check his trivia until I learned better. I wish I knew where he got his information.
This is another great trivia book from Bill, never disappoints. It details the world's biggest, smallest, firsts, lasts, most popular and many other fun facts. One chaper is on the quotes of Groucho Marx, made me laugh out loud. The chapter on the famous haunts is one of my favorites as well as the background stories on some blockbuster movies like LOTR, Godfather. You can always count on his books to learn something. This time I learnt of words that start with X. I did not know there are so many!! Also there are some little known names of colors that I have never heard of. I love all of Bill's books, always fun, always educational.
Michael A. Newman
I have read several books by this author and am amazed how he keeps coming up with interesting and fresh takes on trivia. This book is no exception. He told me new things in subjects that I thought I had already known. For instance several new bits of trivia about The Wizard of Oz, like how the cyclone was made and how Margaret Hamilton got badly burned doing one scene. Many rock bands went through several name changes before they decided on the family names we know (Led Zeppelin was originally named The Yardbirds 2). If you want to know things like the order of everyone who walked on the moon and interesting facts about Benjamin Franklin, this book is for you. There are also fun quizzes at the end of each chapter.
John Edinger
Another great O'niell book. Almost every event discussed reminds one of more recent eventa. Take for example the writeup about the woid processing industry in Maine whereAt one point, 95% of all the world’s toothpicks were manufactured in Maine. Toothpicks manufactured from wood are no longer in production in Maine. Attempts were made to shut down wood and paper mills that put pulp wastes in a reservoir Despite the fact it was shown there were hundreds of acres of shoreline water in which naturally fallen trees similsrly rotted in the water.
Grady HarpJohn Eding
Popular author Bill O’Neill has authored many books on Trivia and has become an expert in this field! His topics include movies, football, baseball, wars, rock music, simply random trivia facts, the US States, and just interesting facts. Now with a nod to providing interesting reading material while sitting on the toilet (private rest time!), Bill offers a plethora of wacky and odd facts and thoughts stories that provide not only entertainment but also conversation material when chatting with friends! Providing an overview of the topics of interest in this book, Bill outlines his content in the Introduction – ‘Who doesn’t love a bit of trivia now and then? Or, for that matter, who doesn’t enjoy plucking some obscure tidbit of information form the back of their mind and dropping it into conversation? In simple terms, that is what this book is all about… Here you’ll find out about the very first word sent over the internet – and what happened to it when the computer it was being sent, crashed….hundreds more facts are listed here, in bite-size chunks – with a few pop quizzes thrown in to keep your brain ticking over!’ Bill’s contributions to our hungry minds are enormously entertaining and cover a wide spectrum of topics – famous firsts (i.e. ‘Although George Washington oversaw its construction, he never lived in the White House’), a timeline of strange weather events, body language, stories of Hollywood casting changes, timeline of food-based riots, the 10 most watched TV moments in US history, stories of accidental inventions, the invention of Coca-Cola, some famous disappearances, former names of famous brands, timeline of mad kings and queens, stories behind famous haunted houses, and many other topics (and quizzes – with answers!) covering pets, misspelled words, music, strange word histories and origins, sports, space, history, science – just about everything imaginable! Not only is the book entertaining – it is also very instructive. For those familiar with Bill O’Neill’s talent for tickling the brain, this book is a must read – one of his best. For those who are simply looking for solid entertaining reading to while pausing for nature’s calling in the bathroom, welcome to the field expert! Highly recommended. Grady Harp, July 21