Till Murder Do Us Part (ID True Crime, 6) - book cover
  • Publisher : Grand Central Publishing
  • Published : 28 Dec 2021
  • Pages : 352
  • ISBN-10 : 1538752522
  • ISBN-13 : 9781538752524
  • Language : English

Till Murder Do Us Part (ID True Crime, 6)

From the world's #1 bestselling author comes a collection of Discovery ID true crime stories where the bonds of matrimony and love can tear you brutally apart.

Til Murder Do Us Part: Kathi Spiars can't believe she's found such a good man to marry as Stephen Marcum. Twelve years later, she starts to suspect that he isn't who he says he is. As she digs into his past, she doesn't realize that learning the truth will lead to a lifetime of fear and hiding. (with Andrew Bourelle)

Ramp Up to Murder: Brandi McClain, a young beautiful teenager, moves to California from Arizona, to model and live with her new boyfriend, a professional skateboarder. But her perfect life is about to turn on its head. In San Diego, investigators hunt for a missing girl. It's a case that seems to plagued by dead ends. But once the truth emerges, it's more haunting than they could have imagined. (with Max DiLallo)

Readers Top Reviews

Mary BrownPamela Laf
I’m having to delete this off my tablet. The first story wasn’t so bad but the second one was nothing but evil, sickening
Lois M. DavisKathlee
I usually NEVER buy a book that James Patterson writes with another author. This book is extremely poorly written. Embarrasing to Patterson to add his signature.
Kindle Sarah
This book was very good. As all James Patterson's books. I love them all. Some I have read twice. I can't see the books very good to light and to small. So. I can only read on my IPAD. The ones I read twice are the audible.
NancyKindle SarahL
I literally could not put this book down! It kept me on edge every page of both stories. It shows how circumstances in one's life can lead to things not normally even within their realm of thinking. Hopefully, though, neither of these stories will ever become a reality!