Watching Over You (The McKenzies of Ridge Trail, 3) - book cover
  • Publisher : HQN; Original edition
  • Published : 28 Dec 2021
  • Pages : 352
  • ISBN-10 : 1335620982
  • ISBN-13 : 9781335620989
  • Language : English

Watching Over You (The McKenzies of Ridge Trail, 3)

"Lori Foster should be on everyone's auto-buy list."-Sherrilyn Kenyon, #1 New York Times bestselling author

Mysterious, unpredictable and most definitely scorching hot

While investigating a criminal network, Detective Crosby Albertson keeps crossing paths with members of the highly trained, suspiciously well-informed McKenzie family. They're always one step ahead of him-especially their alarmingly attractive intel specialist, Madison. And Crosby needs to find out why.

Madison McKenzie is the tech and surveillance whiz of her family's operation. A recent case introduced her to Detective Albertson. She finds herself irresistibly drawn to the sexy and mysterious cop. There's just one problem. He's a detective and her family's work is secret. When Crosby starts digging for information about the McKenzies, Madison's got to get him off the scent…while keeping him at a safe distance.

The McKenzies of Ridge Trail

Book 1: No Holding Back
Book 2: Stronger Than You Know
Book 3: Watching Over You


Editorial Reviews

"Emotionally spellbinding and wicked hot."
-Lora Leigh, New York Times bestselling author

"Hang on for this completely unexpected hard-hitting ride!"
-Fresh Fiction on No Holding Back

"No one writes alpha heroes and sexy, swoon-worthy romance like Lori Foster."
-Jill Shalvis, New York Times bestselling author

"[No Holding Back has] compassion, interesting family dynamics, troubled pasts, killer fight scenes, and of course, swoon-worthy romance. Highly recommended."
-Harlequin Junkie

Readers Top Reviews

Linda @ (un)Conventi
The McKenzies continue to surprise me, and I loved Addison and Crosby's story so much! She's been lusting after the detective for a little while, and now, she's decided to up the ante so to say. He's still a bit hesitant, though, because he has some secrets, and people he wants to keep safe no matter the cost... I loved the family dynamics even more in this installment, especially because we finally get to know the McKenzie clan dad much, much better. Of course, the banter between the brothers and sister is something I'm always there for, and seeing Crosby fit in was just right. There are some dark themes in these novels, but the McKenzie clan is there to help, and they're not afraid of crossing any lines doing so. The romance between Addison and Crosby was very well done, and I loved that they both had to work for it in different ways.
This one was a little less over-the-top than the other 2 in my opinion, and I liked it that way. Madison, the tech whiz youngest daughter in the family is interested in Detective Crosby Albertson, but he has some secrets that make him worried about opening up to her. Then she finds out he is now working for her father. What could that mean? The action is still here, but it was a little less intense this time. The pace is breakneck and the tone is uncertain yet hopeful with a character and action oriented storyline that has some steamy scenes. The characters are vivid and engaging. I loved the secondary romance! That made this perfect to me. If you can handle the harsh realities of human trafficking and those who try to stop it, as well as complex characters and lots of action, then this series is for you. Read them in order, or this story will not make sense to you. Enjoy!
Lynn B
I simply adore this family! Lori Foster might just have saved the best for last when it comes to this highly addictive series of McKenzie family crime fighters when Madison meets her match with the cop she's had her eye on. This series has been full of suspense and intrigue throughout and the amazing connection between the siblings and their mates while righting wrongs in the world is so satisfying. Filled with heart, sass and amazing love stories! Madison is such a delight. She's tough and doesn't take any lip off of anybody, but when she also loves with her whole heart and I just love that combination in her. Crosby was so much more than I ever expected from our glimpses of him in the previous books. He too has an emotional back story and it added so much heartwarming depth to this book. Loved him! I highly recommend this book and the entire series to anyone who enjoys a close knit family trying to fight the injustice of the world one step at a time as each one finds their forever love. I'm sad to see the series end, but I loved every single minute of it!
Love this series! This book can be read as a part of the series or as a standalone novel. This is the third and final novel in the McKenzie Family Trilogy. Madison and Crosby's story is a thrilling page turner that is impossible to put down once you start it. It is full of suspense, crime fighting, drama, sass, strong characters and stronger storylines. Madison is the digital mastermind of the family who has phenomenal hacking skills. Crosby is a detective when they first meet before leaving the force to join the family in their quest for justice. This book dives in more to the family dynamics while giving more information on how the past has shaped each of these characters. Madison and Crosby work together to eliminate a threat to the family from their past.
I just finished reading Watching Over You and LOVED it!!! I started reading it at 9:00 at night and was up until 4:00 A.M. before falling asleep, then woke at 8:00 A.M. and went back to it. I literally couldn't stop reading (and wouldn't have if I hadn't fallen asleep). I don't know how, but Lori Foster's books just keep getting better!! I was happy to see that one of the main characters throughout the series finds love again! Can you tell that I become immersed in her stories and the lives of her characters? It takes real talent to create characters that people can care about! It's why Lori's books are on my must-buy list and I'm one of her biggest fans!! Thank you, Lori Foster, for so many hours of enjoyment! You're awesome!!!