Wish You Were Here: A Novel - book cover
  • Publisher : Ballantine Books
  • Published : 30 Nov 2021
  • Pages : 336
  • ISBN-10 : 1984818414
  • ISBN-13 : 9781984818416
  • Language : English

Wish You Were Here: A Novel

From the #1 New York Times bestselling author of Small Great Things and The Book of Two Ways comes "a powerfully evocative story of resilience and the triumph of the human spirit" (Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of Malibu Rising)

Rights sold to Netflix for adaptation as a feature film

Diana O'Toole is perfectly on track. She will be married by thirty, done having kids by thirty-five, and move out to the New York City suburbs, all while climbing the professional ladder in the cutthroat art auction world. She's an associate specialist at Sotheby's now, but her boss has hinted at a promotion if she can close a deal with a high-profile client. She's not engaged just yet, but she knows her boyfriend, Finn, a surgical resident, is about to propose on their romantic getaway to the Galápagos-days before her thirtieth birthday. Right on time.

But then a virus that felt worlds away has appeared in the city, and on the eve of their departure, Finn breaks the news: It's all hands on deck at the hospital. He has to stay behind. You should still go, he assures her, since it would be a shame for all of their nonrefundable trip to go to waste. And so, reluctantly, she goes.

Almost immediately, Diana's dream vacation goes awry. Her luggage is lost, the Wi-Fi is nearly nonexistent, and the hotel they'd booked is shut down due to the pandemic. In fact, the whole island is now under quarantine, and she is stranded until the borders reopen. Completely isolated, she must venture beyond her comfort zone. Slowly, she carves out a connection with a local family when a teenager with a secret opens up to Diana, despite her father's suspicion of outsiders.

In the Galápagos Islands, where Darwin's theory of evolution by natural selection was formed, Diana finds herself examining her relationships, her choices, and herself-and wondering if when she goes home, she too will have evolved into someone completely different.

Editorial Reviews

"Jodi Picoult once again proves she is the master of wading through the darkness to find the light."-Taylor Jenkins Reid, author of Malibu Rising

"Wish You Were Here is a transporting and transcendent novel about seeking out glimmers of light in the darkness, and following them wherever they lead. Jodi Picoult is that rare, one-in-a-million writer whose books both squeeze your heart and expand your mind. Her latest is wise, surprising, and utterly extraordinary."⁠-Emily Henry, #1 New York Times bestselling author of People We Meet on Vacation and Beach Read

"In Wish You Were Here, Jodi Picoult does something brilliant, cracking open something extraordinary. I am just overwhelmed by this book. I actually finished it at three in the morning and started reading it again."⁠-Caroline Leavitt, New York Times bestselling author of With or Without You

Readers Top Reviews

little bookworma per
Continuing on from A Court of Mist and Fury, the story starts with Feyre back in the Spring Court as she acts as a secret spy in Tamlin's kingdom ahead of the coming war with Hybern. Yet if Prythian is to stand any true chance against Hybern, Feyre, Rhysand and the other members of the Night Court are going to have to find ways to gather all the allies they can get. Will all the High Lords be able to find a way to work together, and set aside their differences? I really enjoyed the first two books of this series and was eager to read this last instalment, however, I have to say I was disappointed in this end to the trilogy and found it coming up pretty short in comparison to its predecessors. For a start the book was unnecessary long, and overall I found it quite a slog to get through, tempted at times to simply give up, and I have to confess that I ended up more skim reading certain parts. I was intrigued with the set up at the start of the story back in the Spring Court, and think this could have been made to work really well, but in actual fact this first part of the book was pretty poor for me. A lot of this was due to Feyre constantly being portrayed with such super-powers, nothing really felt like a threat or challenge to her, as she just walked over everyone so easily. Also I know Tamlin did act badly in the second book, however, there were reasons as to why he did what he did, and I for one don't think he deserved the complete lack of mercy that Feyre treated him with here. Indeed, I have to say that overall I didn't really like Feyre's character all that much in this book as a whole. She seemed to have lost all her vulnerabilities, and was just a bit too ruthless and arrogant for me. Its not that she's lost her compassion entirely, but she's very self-absorbed here. I did enjoy Lucien's character in this book, indeed it may have been my overall favourite portrayal in the book, and that was because unlike so many other characters, Lucien still had his complexities (unfortunately I felt he was under-used in the second half of the story). Other favourites on the other hand, such as most of the Night Court, just were painted a little too immaturely in this book. On the one hand there is this really serious threat portrayed of the impending war, and yet so often these characters are just goofing around and making jokes, acting rather like teenagers if anything, with more interest in their romantic entanglements than anything else. Nor did these romantic sub-plots really lead anywhere though, with no character or relationship development. Feyre and Rhysand were just too 'sickeningly' in love in this book, Rhysand himself 'too perfect', all the mystery and edge that was so present in the first book and was still maintained in the second despite understanding his character better, lost entirely now and replace...
Sophie Elaina
Sarah J. Maas has once again created a masterpiece, as always her writing was wonderful to read. The way she is able to build such a vivid and beautiful world is amazing and I was gripped from the first line. At the end of A Court of Mist and Fury we leave Feyre back at the Spring Court and in the heart of enemy territory. I have being looking forward to see Feyre play spy for so long and was so happy to find that it definitely lived up to all of my expectations. I adored that we got to see a lot more of Lucian and I feel like we really got to know his character better. I loved the intense moments between him and Feyre when they don't know whether to trust each other or not, they are just perfection. I'm not sure whether it was supposed to be funny but I really found it hilarious, at one point I just could not stop laughing everyone in my house literally though I was going crazy. Maas really created some epic moments that are just incredibly well done, that I will never forget. “Night Triumphant - and the Stars Eternal. If he was the sweet, terrifying darkness, I was the glittering light that only his shadows could make clear.” Now lets get to Rhysand...erm.. what can I even say? OH YES!! HE WAS AMAZING! I loved every single Rhys moment that we got to see and I just love him as a character and even though I didn't think that his character could be developed any more after reading ACOMAF, the way Maas wrote his development blew me away it was phenomenal. Now to all my other favourites, all I'm going to say is I adore them all especially Cassian and Azriel. Again it was pure perfection. Mor and Amren's character development also really went somewhere in this book, I never expected what happens to happen and I am still surprised and amazed at the great things that Sarah J. Maas did. The plot was so action packed and there was always something happening it was so stressful but in a really really great way, I am so glad that we got to see loads more of the High Lords, that was brilliants and I loved the meeting, I am running out of words to use to describe how amazing things were. I only had one tiny problem, I really wanted a discussion to happen between Tamlin and Feyre near the end after you know what (No spoilers here, see I am really trying), I just really needed more. Saying that I think that things were left in a great way and I really felt satisfied with the conclusion, and I also think that the way it ended really did justice to this amazing series. I am happy with Feyre and Rhysand's ending but I really hope that we get to see them again even if its just a cameo. They will always be some of my favourite characters of all time. “It's a rare person to face who they are and not run from it - not be broken by it.” I definitely ugly cried and I will never get over it. I will go as far to say that part...