Christmas in the Manger - book cover
Literature & Fiction
  • Publisher : HarperFestival
  • Published : 22 Oct 1998
  • Pages : 16
  • ISBN-10 : 0694012270
  • ISBN-13 : 9780694012275
  • Language : English

Christmas in the Manger

The classic Christmas story, a joy to share with young children.

The gentle beauty of the story of the first Christmas is now available as a board book. With a simple, lyrical text and radiant artwork, this book is perfect for the youngest child to be a part of the wonder of the Nativity.

Parents, grandparents, and caregivers have all embraced this telling. Don't miss this beautiful little book from the acclaimed team of Nola Buck and Felicia Bond.

Readers Top Reviews

Very cute little first Christmas Book for babies. I like that it tells the story of the real meaning behind the season. The colors are vivid and illustrations are simple but cute and kept my 2 month old's attention.
Our hope for our little one's first Christmas was to have Jesus be the center of the holiday season. This was our best find . It is easy to read, qicok text on each page, ending with " I am Jesus/asleep on the hay/I am the reason/for Christmas day" FYI we also bought "Who is coming to our house?" and this is easier for us to read to him.
I bought a second one for a gift a week after I bought one for my 21 month old since I liked it so much!! Cute illustrations and simple but accurate Christmas message about baby Jesus. My daughter loves saying "baby Jesus!" at his picture on the last page. The rhyming is cute too- "we are the wise men, gifts we bring, for baby Jesus, our newborn king" Love it!!
Growing up my parents had a collection of Christmas books that we would read each night in the month of December. I ordered this book because I would like to keep up this tradition with my own family, and am starting to build my own collection. I bought this book because the price was right and my children are young - board books work well for their age. This book is great quality, I love the simple text and what this book chooses to focus on about Christmas. It is a perfect addition to our Christmas book collection!
Very cute board book. Simple for little ones and plenty of room to expand on the christmas story in larger conversation with older infants. My only critique is that joseph isnt really mentioned. The wise men thing is fine and there is no timeline in the book so i dont think its crazy that they are there. In fact i always like it in the birth story since even though it is a later event it is part of the birth story. I think its weird how many reviews not just this book but many books are so negative about every little thing like children rely soley on the book and that is all. For heavens sake we are going to talk to and teach our kids if we are doing our jobs as christians. No one is going to hand their small child a book and just walk off. If thats the case there are much bigger problems than the historical timeline of when wise men show up.

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