Kaleidomorphia: Celebrating Kerby Rosanes's Coloring Challenges - book cover
  • Publisher : Plume
  • Published : 26 Oct 2021
  • Pages : 80
  • ISBN-10 : 0593186281
  • ISBN-13 : 9780593186282
  • Language : English

Kaleidomorphia: Celebrating Kerby Rosanes's Coloring Challenges

An astonishing second compilation of the most striking images taken from the Morphia series, with colored-in examples

Kaleidomorphia is a stunning second compilation of Kerby Rosanes's most remarkable artwork from his beloved mega-bestselling Morphia series. This collection, just like the first, Colormorphia, features a full-color sixteen-page section that showcases some of the most accomplished completed artworks produced by Kerby's fans. These pages demonstrate the range of approaches colorists can experiment with when coloring. 
The artworks displayed in the color section are included in the black-and-white section of the book, too, giving the reader the opportunity to duplicate the approach should they wish. In addition, there are a variety of images to color featuring the very best from Kerby's Morphia portfolio.

Readers Top Reviews

Laura SchluttKazt a
Is there some repeat drawings? Yes, it’s a collection of his hit drawings. What I don’t understand is some of the reviews marking the book down because of it. If you read the description of the book then you would know if there was going to be some repeats. Why fuzz about it. People need to learn to read the description of the book. I really love Kerby Rosanes’ books. I really don’t care if I get a book with some that I have done. I find new ways to color that picture.
Regina Lynn Barnhill
I have all of Kerby’s coloring books. They are well drawn, fun, great paper, and exciting to color! Just wish he would put out more than one a year!
After thumbing through this book, I like this best of several other Kerby Rosanes books I own. There are certain picture selections that I really look forward to coloring. There are some you can add to if you would like to embellish, and there are some that I am looking forward to really going unique and wild with. I love that there are completed artist versions in the book also, as I just enjoy seeing other interpretations of pictures that many have colored. I am able to see the difference in what I would do but I also treasure the inspiration.
Dennis ConnellyJSTer
This book is just a collection of duplicates. The paper is inferior and shinier, not porous . Image quality is also inferior, the monkey looks like a photocopy. Looks like someone is looking for a money boost from his avid followers, it’s sad. Edit after coloring in this book… If you use gel pens do not get this book. This coloring book is NOT compatible with gel pens. They do not soak in, paper tears easy because of this, and the line can be seen. It’s glossy paper
Nicole Hunter
I don't get why there are negative reviews? Read the description people! If you did you'd know this is a compilation of his previous work. I love it because there's quite a few I've already done and since I've gained more skill I'd live to redo them.