Paint by Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals: Create 10 Pictures One Sticker at a Time! - book cover
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  • Publisher : Workman Publishing Company; Illustrated edition
  • Published : 20 Sep 2016
  • Pages : 34
  • ISBN-10 : 0761189602
  • ISBN-13 : 9780761189602
  • Language : English

Paint by Sticker Kids: Zoo Animals: Create 10 Pictures One Sticker at a Time!

Paint a zoo full of animals with stickers!Step 1: Find the stickerStep 2: Peel the stickerStep 3: Place the sticker …and watch your animal painting come to life! Includes everything you need to create ten sticker paintings on study card stock. Plus, all the pages are perforated-making it easy to tear out each finished work to frame and share!  

Editorial Reviews

"The educational swiss army knife of sticker books. The Paint by Stickers projects….provide number recognition and matching practices for older kids and an introduction to numbers and matching for the littles….It's an active craft which is also a puzzle. Sound cool? It is." -GeekDad

"This book is genius! It's a paint-by-number book meets sticker book meets Tanagrams. Perfect for working on fine motor skills and spatial orientation!" -Parents

Readers Top Reviews

LegoGirlN. ShahDawn
For Christmas gift giving at family functions, I like to get the kids something that they can actually play with right away (so the grownups can relax with their adult beverages, chat, and watch football). This sticker book is perfect for that, with an added bonus that it makes no loud noises nor requires batteries. After buying this book for the little ones, I shopped for the adult version for myself! The picture pages and the sticker pages are both perforated, so you can tear them out and hand around to multiple kids. I got this book for my twin 1st-grade nieces, but I think younger kids could still be successful as long as they can recognize numbers and match them up. Most of the pictures need around 50 stickers to complete, so no boredom or frustration should set in. My one star off is because this particular book has mostly monochromatic animals (hey, it's nature, right?). The pictures are still cool, but it would have been nice to have some more colorful animals to choose from: a parrot, fish, or butterfly?
Briana Meade
My kids absolutely love these sticker books. For reference, my son is 4 and my daughter is 6. My son has a pretty good attention-span for a four-year old. He finished 2-3 of these in about an hour. My daughter finished about 6 "paintings" in a few hours. What I love: helps with early childhood hand-eye coordination (you have to 'flip' the stickers around to get them in the right spot the correct way), and is an awesome learning tool for kids to practice their numbers. The numbers connect to the stickers, so you may have a sticker that is #45 and needs to go in the #45 blank spot. It can be hard for kids three and under to grasp this connection but is perfect for an advanced four year old, five year old, or six year old. The pictures end up looking really pretty as well!
OMG what a fun activity to do as a family. My kids LOVED this (ages 5, 7, and 8). My husband who is NOT a creative person actually enjoyed doing this with us. My kids are bored with coloring books but absolutely love stickers. So this was an instant hit! The pages are perforated, making them easy to tear out. The stickers are cut to perfection. We never had any problems with the stickers. One thing to note, however, is that once the stickers are stuck to the page, it may tear if you try to realign them. I ended up framing all the pages once my kids are done with them. They look so lovely hanging on the wall. If you are looking for a family activity to do on any occasion, get these books. You won't regret it! I'm adding the rest of the books in the series. Looking forward to the Underwater one :)
Renee Bergeron
I bought this book for my six-year-old hoping it would be an activity he could do independently. It turned out to be just that. He loved the challenge of matching up the numbers and shapes. The pages are perforated for easy removal and the stickers are easy to peel up. We will definitely be purchasing these again.
Belle Coleman
I have been buying these books for my grandpa. He is retired carpenter and in his late 80's. I bought him this book because I thought he might like putting puzzles together plus sticking things on, sure enough, he loves it! He spends hours on these books. I really hope that they publish more!