Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pokémon): The Need-to-Know Stats and Facts on Over 875 Characters - book cover
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  • Publisher : Scholastic Inc.; Deluxe edition
  • Published : 03 Aug 2021
  • Pages : 560
  • ISBN-10 : 1338714120
  • ISBN-13 : 9781338714128
  • Language : English

Super Extra Deluxe Essential Handbook (Pokémon): The Need-to-Know Stats and Facts on Over 875 Characters

The brand new edition of the bestselling Super Deluxe Essential Handbook is here - and it includes all-new Pokémon! With 560 color pages and info on over 900 Pokémon, this is a must-have for kids of all ages.

If you want to catch 'em all, you gotta read about 'em all!This revised and updated edition of the mega-bestselling Essential Handbook and Super Deluxe Essential Handbook has all the stats and facts kids need to know about the world of Pokémon. Essential information on over 900 Pokémon is jam-packed into 560 illustrated, full-color pages.The handbook is easy to read and organized simply and effectively into one comprehensive, kid-friendly reference book. This updated edition features tons of extra pages devoted to the newest Pokémon from the Sword and Shield video games. It is an absolute must-have for Pokémon Trainers of all ages.

Readers Top Reviews

Kyran GreenMohammad
Opened the parcel and there is some sort of brown mark on the majority of the pages. Luckily it's on the edge of the page so when reading it's not noticeable. It doesn't contain all of the Pokémon. It has the latest gen, from galar, but not from the expansions. So it is missing Kubfu which is one of my favourites. In my opinion, if it is released after the game it should contain the Pokémon from the game. Now for the positives. My 5 year old loves it. I no longer get "dad what does (insert name) evolve into/from?" As it is all shown on the book. And it is very clear to see. The Pokémon are not in number order but alphabetically which helps her find them. And it is teaching her how to read and spell. It gives the basic info such as name / height / weight / moves / etc, accompanied by a picture It also shows how to pronounce the names. Overal if I ignore the state it came in, I would have returned it if my daughter didn't see it, this is a good book. Definitely if you have younglings who want to be the very best.....upto the expansions. If it contained all of the Pokémon I would have given this 5 stars.
Kid Kyoto
Since our daughters got into Pokemon a few years back, our shelves have gained quite a few books from junior novelizations to guidebooks for the different regions. But they keep returning to the Handbooks. The 2021 Super EXTRA Deluxe Essential Handbook replaces the 2018 Super Deluxe Essential Handbook, which in turn replaced the 2015 Deluxe Essential Handbook, I can't wait to see what superlative they add next. It covers over 875 characters (up from 800) from across the video games, anime, card games and other itinerations of Pokemon. Pages feature their evolutions and offer a bit of short background on each one. It's full color with lavish illustrations of each creature (great for kids who want to learn to draw them) Honestly if your kids are into Pokemon this is an essential book. You might even call it a super extra deluxe essential book. Easily worth the $12-$15.
I purchased five for family members and myself to increase our knowledge of each Pokemon especially the 100 new ones since the last edition of this book. The age range 7 to 61 for our purchase. My 7 year-old grandson reads it with ease.
Common Sense Reviews
The pre-order was advertised as hardcover and received paperback, the title says over 900 when the actual cover of the book says over 875, and this arrived damaged being sent in an envelope.
MaSKitty Kat
Considering they book was released about ten months after the Crown Tundra, I assumed this would be up to date. Instead it is current to 11/2019 (Sword/Shield). No Zarude. No Kubfu. And so on. That said, it is a nice update... just out of date already.