The Horsewoman - book cover
Action & Adventure
  • Publisher : Little, Brown and Company
  • Published : 10 Jan 2022
  • Pages : 448
  • ISBN-10 : 0316499773
  • ISBN-13 : 9780316499774
  • Language : English

The Horsewoman

Emotions rule us all-and turn two women's lives into a ride they can barely control in this "hugely entertaining, riveting page-turner." -#1 bestselling author Louise Penny

Maggie Atwood and Becky McCabe, mother and daughter, both champion riders, vowed to never, ever, go up against one another. 
Until the tense, harrowing competitions leading to the Paris Olympics. 
Mother and daughter share a dream: to be the best horsewoman in the world.
Coronado is Maggie's horse. An absolutely top-tier Belgian warmblood. 
Sky is Becky's horse. A small, speedy Dutch warmblood. 
Only James Patterson could bring you such breakneck speed, hair-raising thrills and spills.  
Only hall of fame sportswriter Mike Lupica could make it all so real.

Editorial Reviews

"Patterson and Lupica manage to get deep into the world of high-level show jumping and also, incredibly for two men, deep into the lives of three generations of strong women. I don't know what's more compelling-the white-knuckle descriptions of the horse shows in the lead-up to the Olympics or the tense, complex relationships among the three women. We grow to care deeply about these horsewomen. This is a hugely entertaining, riveting, page-turner of a book. A thrilling and thoughtful read." ―Louise Penny, #1 New York Times bestselling author of the Chief Inspector Gamache series

"The Horsewoman is more than a thriller--it's an eye-opening ride through the high-stakes world of equestrian show-jumping. Patterson and Lupica make a great team, writing at a full gallop and with faultless timing of the lives of three fearless women connected by blood, competition, and a passion for fast horses."
Carl Hiaasen, bestselling author of Squeeze Me

Readers Top Reviews

Kindle Kindle Caro
This may be the best book James Patterson has written. No violence other than words and one fist to the nose (deserved, I might add). Just like others, he had me at the get go and the momentum just kept mounting. I felt like I was walking right beside the characters and what a ride! This is definitely going to be one of the best books of 2022.
Non stop action among all the players in the horse jumping community. Even sleep had to be put on hold a couple times.
NdroxmeWendy J. Saun
I don’t know why I read it to the end, seriously. After the first chapter, it was painfully obvious that it was not written for anyone over the age of 13. Perhaps I wanted to re-live my “still believe in perfect happy endings” innocence once again. I think James Patterson is willing to put his name on anything that he can make a buck off of nowadays.
Tina Loves to Read
This is a Contemporary. This book has a lot of Horses and family drama. I really loved all the horse stuff in this book. The characters had a lot going on. This book has a lot going with the characters, but it was done very well so I had no problem following everything that was going on. I really loved every minute I spend reading this book. I received an ARC of this book. This review is my own honest opinion about the book like all my reviews are.
I loved everything about this book. The characters were each rich with personality and you really cared for all of them. Okay, most of them. The story was riveting. I loved how intricately woven the story was and how it all unfolded. I literally cried and laughed through the book. I cheered them all on. I wanted to best for everyone. It was really a wonderful story. You will love it.

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