The Runaway Bunny - book cover
  • Publisher : HarperCollins; Rev ed. edition
  • Published : 24 Jan 2017
  • Pages : 48
  • ISBN-10 : 0064430189
  • ISBN-13 : 9780064430180
  • Language : English

The Runaway Bunny

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The Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown, beloved children's book author of Goodnight Moon.

"If you run away," said his mother, "I will run after you. For you are my little bunny."

A little bunny keeps running away from his mother in this imaginary game of hide-and-seek. Children will be profoundly comforted by this lovingly steadfast mother who finds her child every time.

The Runaway Bunny, first published in 1942 and never out of print, has indeed become a classic. Generations of readers have fallen in love with the gentle magic of its reassuring words and loving pictures.

Editorial Reviews

"Delightful. What mother, human, or rabbit, doesn't want to keep that new little one in their sight at all times?" -- Brightly

Readers Top Reviews

MR R ADAIRSarah Barr
Used to read it to my older children years ago. Just bought it again as my younger children and wife had never heard of it. My wife was in floods of tears reading it to the kids that night. It's became the favourite bedtime story ever now, and the wife is still in floods of tears every night but loves it. If you've never read this book to your children you should be ashamed of yourself and buy a copy before they get too old, it's magical and should be a compulsory read for all parents and children
WonderAshe Riche
Quality issue! There were 4 totally identical pages! There were 2 missing pages! We could not follow the story line under these conditions! We compared to other stories we already have. It was a gift, and we adore the story, so even more disappointing! Publisher definitely messed up Or didn’t care or check for completeness!
Ashley R.
My toddler daughter and I love to read this story. The illustrations are wonderful and reminiscent of Good Night Moon. We also love the "Easter eggs" we see in reference to Good Night Moon (and vice versa). This book displays the same painting of the cow jumping over the moon on a later page while Good Night Moon features the painting of Mommy bunny "fishing" for Baby bunny. Plus, I believe the bunny in Good Night Moon is the same bunny in Runaway Bunny. My 2-year-old has been in awe of these similarities recently and always insists we read this story along with Good Night Moon. At first, I didn't think I was going to like the story of Runaway Bunny. I didn't really like the thought of a child wanting to run away from his/her mommy. But after reading the whole story, I realized the point of the story is not about a child running away from his/her mommy. It's about a mommy (or daddy or other loved guardian) letting a child know that they will be there for them always, in good times and in bad. That's what I get out of this book and what I hope my daughter learns too. It's a very imaginative story with a sweet ending. We checked it out of the library a few times before I finally decided to order it to add to our home library. I recommend it!
Ali Skeens
The Runaway Bunny is a comforting story that promotes Social/Emotional development in young children age 30-36 months, who are beginning to separate easily from parents in a familiar setting. It is also appropriate for the 30-36 month age range, because children are then able to listen to longer stories & recognize the outline/silhouette picture of the baby bunny "hidden" in the trout stream, on the mountain, among the crocuses, in the tree, as a sailboat, etc. The small board book & the lap-reading size are great for 30-36 month old children. The book also comes in a paper-page format for children who can turn paper pages without ripping them.
I buy a stuffed bunny and give this as a gift for new babies. I tell the parents I use the book as if God were the Mother bunny in the book; no matter where you try to run or hide God loves you so much He will continue to search for you. I used to be a teacher and used it also as an art project and had the kids draw and camouflage the bunny just like in the story. Every child should own a copy of this classic! BTW for babies I buy the board book version. For story telling I buy this version.

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