The Snowman - book cover
Growing Up & Facts of Life
  • Publisher : Dragonfly Books
  • Published : 12 Aug 1986
  • Pages : 32
  • ISBN-10 : 0394884663
  • ISBN-13 : 9780394884660
  • Language : English

The Snowman

Illus. in full color. A wordless story. The pictures have "the hazy softness of air in snow. A little boy rushes out into the wintry day to build a snowman, which comes alive in his dreams that night. The experience is one that neither he nor young 'readers' will ever regret or forget."--(starred) Booklist.  

Readers Top Reviews

I bought a copy of this book to have at home when our nearly two-year-old grandson comes to visit, and he loved it so much I immediately sent for another for him to take home with him. There are many board books, but not many classy ones. This one is. It has plenty (over 35) of lift-the-flaps to explore, but there is so much more, too. The illustrations are beautiful, with muted colors, both indoor and outdoor scenes, and both active and quiet activities. There are lots of things to count on each page, and items of different colors, too, so toddlers can practice these skills. The best is the last double-page spread, with all the houses with flaps. You can look inside each one and see what the people are doing. Our grandson loves all his books, but this one is special, and he loves to sit by himself and look at it, lifting all the flaps, as well as have someone read it with him. It's a truly fine book.
Poor Artist
I've loved animated version of The Snowman since I was little during there 80s. I didn't realize it was published during the 70s (which makes sense!), but it's timeless! Anyone who loves the magic of snow and imagination will be moved by this story. It reads like a comic book, except with incredible, hand drawn illustrations. No text, so any age may enjoy the story.
Happy mamy
I Read the book with grandchildren. (4&6years)The beautiful story shows ,with pictures no words,the love and friendship between a little boy and his build snowman coming alive during one night. (A dream?).Kids have to use their creative,imaginative mind to tell the story..I Truly LOVE that book . It Teach wonderful life lesson of friendship,caring,sharing.I recommend that book to kids and grownups
Rachel Miller
This is such an endearing tale, and I highly recommend you check out YouTube to see the short movie made of it, using the same pictures from the book and the author's narration. It has the most captivating score and serene images.
My review is specifically for the board book. We absolutely love the movie version. The board book is small, with very small versions of the pictures from the actual book. Due to that hand drawn/colored pencil style of the illustrations, that means these tiny images aren't of very great clarity or quality. I assumed that the board book would be the same as the original book, just with heavier cardboard pages for younger kids. It is not. We will be ordering the original book next, because this was extremely disappointing.

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