The Wolf (2) (Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp) - book cover
  • Publisher : Gallery Books
  • Published : 16 Nov 2021
  • Pages : 432
  • ISBN-10 : 1982179872
  • ISBN-13 : 9781982179878
  • Language : English

The Wolf (2) (Black Dagger Brotherhood: Prison Camp)

Return to the sizzling glymera's prison camp in this dark and sexy second novel in the new Black Dagger Brotherhood Prison Camp spin-off series from the #1 New York Times bestselling author J.R. Ward.

In the next installment of bestselling author J.R. Ward's Prison Camp series, things get steamy when Lucan, a wolven forced into bartering drug deals for the infamous Prison Colony, meets Rio, the second in command for the shadowy Caldwell supplier, Mozart. After a deal goes awry, a wolf with piercing golden eyes swoops in to save her from certain death. As shocking truths unfurl, Rio is uncertain of who to trust and what to believe-but with her life on the line, true love rears its head and growls in the face of danger.

Readers Top Reviews

Finished reading The Wolf. The first few chapters were good but it fell off from there. Repetitive - retelling the story line over and over again. Verbal rehashing ad nauseam. Where was the detail that draws you into a character? The plot was predictable. Nothing clever about it. Sorry I waited so long for this and paid too much as well. Disappointed ☹️
Wendy LeGrandSjm
I'm torn on my rating for this book. Yes, it was classic Warden and I loved all the parts of it. But it really didn't feel like a Prison Camp book. I understand there's only been one other book, so how can I say what it does or doesn't feel like, but seriously, very little happened at the actual prison camp. I really loved Rio, she's feisty and kick-butt and a great cop. And Lucan, well, he was swoony and yummy. We didn't get a whole lot of him in book 1, so it wasn't like I had preconceived notions for him, but he is all that and a bag of chips. Honestly, this book really felt like it was the next book in the BDB world. It dealt heavily with V and his "issues" that Jane masterfully helps him with. It gave long time readers a healthy dose of a beloved character we have all been begging for more of and finally get, BUT none of this had anything to do with the Prison Camp. That aspect of this book was very diluted, and I kept clamoring for more of the action within the prison itself. I shouted for joy at discovering a character I thought was lost in book 1 is in fact, alive, and I wanted SO much more of that storyline, but apparently, or should I say, hopefully - that story arc will come full circle in the next book or books? I wanted so badly to see a big "reunion" happen, but it didn't, at least yet. I felt like a whole bunch of plot lines were left unfinished in this book, both prison camp and BDB related, so it will be interesting to see how the Warden moves forward with them. I was left a little bereft at how abruptly this book ends. I guess there's what you'd call an HEA for Rio and Lucan? I'm not even sure, since the story stopped so suddenly. I just know I'm dying to see what's next in the third book. Overall, I loved the story, I loved seeing so many beloved BDB characters, but I didn't feel like their appearances in this book contributed at all to the Prison Camp series. They really should have been in an upcoming BDB book, as the Warden is really a master at weaving all these side stories through the main couples book without taking away from their story. Weaving them all through this book really took away from Rio and Lucan and I felt like they were the side characters instead of the main couple. There's several loose ended questions I've written down that made no sense or added anything to this story, but perhaps those questions will be answered in the next book. I'm super curious to see who is up next - will it be Apex, or Mayhem, or perhaps someone else altogether?