The Twilight Saga - book cover
  • Publisher : Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
  • Published : 01 Jan 2009
  • Pages : 0
  • ISBN-10 : 031607036X
  • ISBN-13 : 9780316070362
  • Language : English

The Twilight Saga

Language:Chinese.Pub Date :2009-5-1 Pages: all four Publisher :0-316 this stunning set. complete with all four paperback books aswell as four collectible prints. makes the perfect gift for fans ofthe bestselling vampire love story. Including all the books fromthe twilight saga. which includes; twilight. new moon. eclipse. andlastly breakingdawn. Twilight Saga : Twilight Bella Fox himself exiled to this remote town and rainy throughout the year . She can not imagine how is this choice . let her meet him at the crossroads of destiny . Eye contact that moment. have to understand each other . waiting for them . in addition to the lure of happiness . there is a danger of the abyss . They attracted to each other . in love with swing between risk . spend every day with fresh and exciting . like returning to the sun. falling on the romantic Twilight . Since he has a charming appeara...

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Danielle C. Tøttru
Buying a great book and helping hospiscare in the same time!!
Absolutely amazing, I’ve been looking for the hardback set for ages and these are brand new condition, they also came with these cards with quotes on from each book as pictured above! Amazing!!
Lilly Flora
I'm still not sure what possessed me to buy the boxed set of the Twilight Saga over a year ago. Typically I prefer to stay out of the really popular trends in reading (especially if they cross age groups as this series did so easily) but there was just some thing about what I heard about this book-good and bad, obsessive and hateful-that interested me. Of course I still ignored it on my shelf for a year and a half. And then I picked it up. And I was shocked because I liked it. I really did like it. I'm not going to waste time with plot descriptions here. Everyone knows it already. If you don't: vampires, forbidden and dangerous love. There, that's the story. A couple of things made me love this series. First of all, the narrator (Bella) is so natural in what her voice comes off as. She changes her mind, thinks she's stupid, is insecure, admits embarrassing things to herself...she's about as close to a real person as I've ever seen a narrator get. And that makes it impossible not to want to know what happens next to her. The same thing applies to the dialog. It's just so real! People say things they never should have said are painfully stupid and rude and cruel at times and frequently change their minds in minutes-just like in real life. There is no attempt in this series to make big, memorable dramatic moments in every conversation. They do happen, it's true, but most often the dialog comes across as so natural. And then there's the Edward/Bella love story. There is something so sweet about a romance that isn't based at all on physical affection, but at the same time isn't sappy or demeaning to the woman involved. Romance with no pressure for more than you're ready for-romance with safety and respect and mutual friendship implied in it. It's a wonderful concept and it's not hard to see the appeal of it (even if you're not sure would would like it yourself.) Modern chivalry and (I hesitate to use this word because it denotes an opposite connotation to everything else) pure love. And of course, there are the plots. Each of the four books in the saga has an excellent plot line which features a lot of action, adventure, romance and angst. All of these books move at breakneck speed through increasingly interesting and dangerous adventures that threaten to tear our characters apart. Once I started reading "Twilight" I couldn't put the series down until I'd finished all four books in four days. And I'm no young adult. In fact, as far as I can see the only real young adult thing about these books is no bad language and no sex scenes. I'll never be the kind of Twilight fan who waits in line for the movies or names their pets after characters. And I don't rate these books amongst the best of all time. But these books had some amazing elements and took my mind off everything else in the world for four...
Sarah F.
Books look to be in great condition. The box is slightly dinged up but im ok with that. The books themselves are fine wich is what matters. The leaflet things did not arrive hence the 4 stars. Personally I dont care I just wanted the books anyways but if you want the leaflet things I'd suggest looking at other sellers as others have mentioned. As towards the books ie if there's any missing sections or whatever I didn't see any but once I get to reading them if I notice any ill update this review accordingly.
Crysta G. Diaz
Realistically; If you're looking to buy only the hardback books, and dont mind a little wear and tear on the container for the books, then I would recommend this for the price. (Roughly $60) I received all my books, but the container was a bit scrunched up on the corners (see pics). I chalked it up to being tossed around while in delivery. HOWEVER, I was a tad peeved thinking I would receive 4 collectible prints with my purchase and they were nowhere to be found. Didn't really need them so it's not a big dealbreaker to me. They lost two stars due to the condition of the book BOX & no prints. Other than that the books were in great condition, and the price was good.