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  • Publisher : HarperCollins
  • Published : 31 Aug 2021
  • Pages : 256
  • ISBN-10 : 0062971093
  • ISBN-13 : 9780062971098
  • Language : English

We Are Family

Kids have big dreams. And when those dreams are on the line, how far are they willing to go to achieve them?

When Jayden and his teammates find out there’s not going to be a Hoop Group this year—and maybe ever again—they have to learn to lean on each other if they want to save their basketball season, in this inspiring new middle grade novel from NBA superstar LeBron James and acclaimed author Andrea Williams. A New York Times bestseller!

Jayden Carr has been training all summer to be ready for Hoop Group—the free afterschool basketball program where his hero, NBA superstar Kendrick King, got his start. But when his beloved coach tells him there’s not going to be a Hoop Group this year, Jayden is heartbroken.

And he’s not the only one. Coach Beck’s daughter, Tamika, was planning to be the first girl ever to start for the squad. Chris King, Kendrick’s only nephew, spent the summer bragging that his uncle was coming home just to watch him play. For Anthony Pierson, Hoop Group was supposed to be his way out of trouble. And for Dexter Donyel, all 4’6” of him, Hoop Group was his chance to finally be part of a team, instead of just watching from the stands.

For each kid, Hoop Group was more than just a chance to ball; it was an escape, a dream, a family. Now their prospects seem all but impossible—but then the world hasn’t met Jayden, Tamika, Chris, Anthony, and Dex before. Determined to have their shot, the five new friends scrap, hustle, fight, and play hard to save their season to prove that sometimes a chance is all it takes.  

It’s an inspiring, original middle grade story from NBA superstar LeBron James and acclaimed author Andrea Williams that channels the many relatable challenges so many young kids face.

The first step to winning is getting out on the court.

Editorial Reviews

"An inspiring sports story all the way to the buzzer." -- Kirkus Reviews

"A book that is truly a mirror and a window-score a win for this inspiring sports story!" -- Booklist

Readers Top Reviews

Buen libro para niños reafirma los valores de familia
“Son, I love you more than you will ever know, and I believe in you more than you will ever know. Whether you want to play in the NBA like Kendrick King or fly to the moon, you have the potential to do all that and more. When you wear these shoes, I want you to remember that.” WE ARE FAMILY is a fabulous and enjoyable realistic fiction chapter book written by Lebron James and Andrea Williams. Lebron James is an NBA superstar who is a two time Olympic gold medalist. He opened I PROMISE for kids that live in Akron,Ohio and now he has written a book that inspires readers to be like him. He co-authored the book with Andrea Williams who is a journalist and author of Baseball’s Leading Lady:Effa Manley and The Rise and Fall of the Negro Leagues. Together they made a great writing team. In my opinion, both authors were able to combine their ideas and their specialties to form a better story. The story starts when Jayden Carr, a hardworking 7th grader, just got the most amazing gift from his mother which is the new Kendrick King’s kicks. Few people could afford the new Kendrick King’s kicks in Jayden’s school. His family also cannot afford them but his mom saved and saved money to buy Jayden's favorite shoes. It means so much to him. Jayden is excited about starting Hoop Group, the same group where Kendrick King got his start in basketball. The story takes a bad turn when Hoop Group is canceled because Coach Beck became sick. Jayden’s plans are ruined because he was imagining this would be a big opportunity for him. When he finds out that Coach Beck is not able to run the team, “Jayden feels his chest start to rise and fall, and his brain starts spinning like Gram’s old washing machine (Page 37) .” You should read this story to find out what Jayden and other 7th graders have to do to keep Hoop Group and their hopes alive. I think teenagers can learn never to give up on their dream from WE ARE FAMILY. You will meet characters like Roddy, who motivates. ““If you wanna have a chance to stay in the game, you gotta decide that nothing’s gonna stand in your way. And you gotta keep deciding. Every day (Page 74).”” Lebron James must have based the character of Roddy on himself. Even though this is not an autobiography of Lebron James, you can feel that his writing is inspired by his childhood and career. I know that when you read this book you will learn more about him than you already know. Even though the book is realistic fiction, you will feel like you are learning something about Lebron's life. You will read about 5 new friends. What will they do when they have this trouble? Will they be able to achieve their dreams? Will they even be able to achieve more? If you are a basketball fan, this is a book that you would not be able to put down. In my opinion, you will want to keep reading to see what happens. If you are looking...
Heidi Stenson-Wilson
I bought the book for my granddaughter to enhance her comprehension and also reducing her screen time
I only bought it because it was LeBron James, but I was so excited to get it. It’s a great book and there was no damaged when I received it!