Manga Classics Count Of Monte Cristo: New Edition - book cover
Literature & Fiction
  • Publisher : Manga Classics; New edition
  • Published : 08 Jun 2021
  • Pages : 404
  • ISBN-10 : 1947808974
  • ISBN-13 : 9781947808973
  • Language : English

Manga Classics Count Of Monte Cristo: New Edition

The victim of a miscarriage of justice, the Count of Monte Cristo is fired by a desire for retribution and empowered by a stroke of providence. In his campaign of vengeance, he becomes an anonymous agent of fate. The sensational narrative of intrigue, betrayal, escape, and triumphant revenge moves at a cracking pace. Alexandre Dumas' novel presents a powerful conflict between good and evil embodied in an epic saga of rich diversity that is complicated by the hero's ultimate discomfort with the hubristic implication of his own actions.

Readers Top Reviews

Jenny McdonaldMyself
I’ll be honest. I didn’t know what Manga was. So opening the book and seeing a “backwards” bound book was upsetting at first! But learning about Manga and what it is, now I’m excited to share with my kiddos.
Curious George
This book is a fantastic adaptation of the classic literature The Count of Monte Cristo. The manga is well drawn and the plot and storyline is very well thought through, maintaining the crucial storyline while leaving out other details which may otherwise make the book too “lengthy.” I really enjoyed reading this manga adaptation. I was thoroughly impressed reading the Manga classic version of Les Miserables even though I’ve read the fantastic, unabridged version of this “tome”. But this one, in my view, tops it.
I have trouble reading due to dyslexia so when I read this story back in high school I didn't get much out of it. I got into manga a few years ago and can't get enough! I thought I'd give this one a shot and I absolutely LOVE it! They mirrored the book well and captured essence of the story in a way that was enjoyable to absorb. I've read a few other manga classics but I just absolutely love the art style of this one the best. I will buy as many of these manga classics as I can find!
Classy MammaCreativi
I don't believe it is healthy to spend time staring an angry faces. Much research demonstrates that this will alter one's own mindset. I do not recommend Manga after seeing this book. I had thought it was a fun thing for teens, but got rid of it due to the concern about behaviors after a teen spent time in this book. The story was an outline of the actual classic but missed much detail.
Pretty great adaptation of the story in short form. The art and character designs are quite flawless and the story is extremely faithful to the orignal novel. My only issue I have is how abridged it does end up being and how much has been condensed down into exposition that feels very rushed and may or may not come off as confusing if you aren't familiar with the story already (to be expected since the novel is extremely long so that isn't really the fault of the adaptation) Over all a fantastic adaptation to hand to someone who may not be interested in reading such a long novel so they can appreciate a great classic in a very faithful yet modern and engaging format