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  • Publisher : Thomas Nelson
  • Published : 11 Jan 2022
  • Pages : 224
  • ISBN-10 : 1400231434
  • ISBN-13 : 9781400231430
  • Language : English

Organizing for the Rest of Us: 100 Realistic Strategies to Keep Any House Under Control

So you want to keep your kitchen counter clean but you aren't ready to toss the toaster? You want to be able to find your kids' socks but aren't looking to spend your 401(k) on clear bins? You long for a little more peace but minimalism isn't sparking joy? Decluttering expert and self-proclaimed recovering slob Dana K. White offers sustainable ideas to simplify and manage your home in Organizing for the Rest of Us.

Traditional organizing advice never worked for Dana K. White. Is it possible, she wondered, to get organized without color coding my sock drawer? As Dana let go of the need for perfection, she discovered the joy of having an organized house in the midst of everyday life.

In Organizing for the Rest of Us, Dana teaches us how to make great strides with minimal effort in organizing every room of our home. Here she offers 100 organizing tips to help us understand:

Why changing how we think about clutter is the first step to getting rid of itThe basics of organization for people who don't like to organizeWhy you need to get a grip on laundry and dishes before getting organizedHow living with less clutter is better for the environment, our spiritual lives, and our relationshipsWhy real-life decluttering requires fewer hours and less emotional bandwidth than we imaginedOrganizing for the Rest of Us includes colorful photos, a presentation page, and a ribbon marker, making it a thoughtful gift or self-purchase for anyone:

Doing spring cleaningMaking New Year's goalsDownsizing their own home or their parents' homeDecluttering and organizing for their own peace of mindFans of Dana's podcast, A Slob Comes Clean, which has been downloaded 9 million times, will treasure this book as a resource. With her lighthearted approach, Dana provides bite-size workable solutions to break through every organizational struggle you have--for good!

Readers Top Reviews

I am nearly 50 and have battled clutter in all of the homes I have lived in. I am a sentimental horder and also a wannabe eco warrier who is determined to reuse things. As a consequence my home is often cluttered up with stuff - all with good intentions! But I found Dana's You Tube channel, and then read her books, and the change has been amazing for me in just a few weeks. I have got rid of LOADS of stuff and I feel like I can breathe in my home again. Dana talks to real people just like me. Her solutions are not fancy but just real and practical. Dana - thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!!
I pre-ordered this book and have read it on the day of publication. When I was a lone parent with a one year old, Dana's podcasts and writings helped me to get my house under control step by step and I am so incredibly grateful to her. My son is now eight and I still do the dishes every day. Her writing is funny, engaging, and above all warm and friendly. She knows what she's talking about because she has been there and done it. Thoroughly recommend this book for anyone who wants to get on top of things and stop feeling overwhelmed by stuff and be entertained in the process.
Catherine RJennyS
I received an advanced copy of this book :- Organising for the Rest of Us by Dana K White. Have read many decluttering books for several months now and this one has been a typical ‘light-bulb’ moment for me with lots of helpful tips. Even in the examples she talked about in each section of what NOT to do- I very much did those (while shaking my head laughing like this book was very much talking about me) e.g the container concept- I’m the one that would buy another container to fill as my other container I already had was full or instead of picking the one item at a time to declutter I’m the one that would put all of the things I didn’t want to deal with into a box to sort another day (that never comes and I’ve done this for many years!!!). But no more, keeping this by my side to refer back to from now on will motivate and help me achieve my goals, putting me at ease and will help to stop the overwhelming feelings from creeping in.
QuickbeamS wilson
This is a terrific book for those of us who battle clutter every day. I am a fan of the author and have used her prior books to decrease the wall of clutter in my home. She writes well in a self deprecating style. Buy this book if you don’t have her prior books and need a framework for home organization. However, there is really nothing new so if you have her other books you’ve got the content of this one.
JZQuickbeamS wils
Forget fly lady, go with Dana ! You see, Dana speaks the language of the rest of us, using words we can totally relate to, like "procrastsiclutter." I love her explanations for why my house ends up in the mess that it does. I've been following her for a couple of years, and have read her other books, so my house is way less messy than it was. I've learned how not to make a bigger mess when I declutter and organize. I've learned about the container concept. And I've learned to run the dishwasher every night. This book is an excellent overview of the methods and strategies detailed in her first two books. It's a great place to begin if none of those other organizing people has helped you out. I've tried quite a few methods, but believe me, if you are like me, you will just "get" what Dana is saying. She's one of "the rest of us" who has been down that road before. Dana explains everything so clearly that even my "slob" brain can understand it and make it work! This book is organized and easy to follow. I dare you to read it all the way through - betcha can't, because you're going to want to put down the book and go TRY her methods because they speak to you! That's how good she is, and she's funny to boot! If you love this book, go buy the others and dig deeper into how to make your home less cluttered and more organized. And get a copy for that friend whose house looks like yours. She will thank you! I have pre-ordered this book but I received an advance copy of this book as part of the launch team. This review reflects my honest opinion. I can attest that this book is for real people, but especially "the rest of us" who just can't organize like other people. Start with just five minutes and a black trash bag - you'll thank yourself for reading this book!

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