Return of the Dragon Slayers (Dragonwatch) - book cover
Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths
  • Publisher : Shadow Mountain
  • Published : 26 Oct 2021
  • Pages : 608
  • ISBN-10 : 1629729302
  • ISBN-13 : 9781629729305
  • Language : English

Return of the Dragon Slayers (Dragonwatch)

The magical world teeters on the brink of collapse. The Dragon King, Celebrant, has united the dragons into a vengeful army, and only a final artifact stands in the way of them unleashing their fury against humankind. With established allegiances shifting under the strain, Seth and Kendra find themselves in desperate need of new allies. Seth must face his most dangerous quest-the fulfillment of his pledge to the Singing Sisters. With only Calvin the Tiny Hero at his side, Seth needs to collect the pieces of the Ethergem, including the stones from the crowns of the Dragon King, the Giant Queen, and the Demon King.

Halfway across the world, Kendra finds herself torn between her duty to Dragonwatch and her desire to rescue Bracken. Can she challenge Ronodin's control of the fairy realm without leaving the five legendary dragon slayers to be hunted by Celebrant and his sons?

Left behind at Titan Valley, Knox and Tess must survive the aftermath of the Giant Queen's fall. Will the secret crown in Knox's possession prove too much for him to handle?

In this fifth and final volume of Dragonwatch, our heroes make their last stand at the hidden Kingdom of Selona. For the defenders of light to stand a chance, the legendary dragon slayers must arise, lost secrets must be uncovered, and ancient powers must awaken. Get ready for the gripping, revelatory, and unforeseen conclusion to the epic ten-volume New York Times best-selling Fablehaven and Dragonwatch series.

Readers Top Reviews

Safi ThompsonLD
It's rather unfortunate that this is the last book of the Fablehaven\Dragonwatch series but it ended on a nice open note for more potential storylines to be told so who knows! Really loved that my favourite character was of more focus and ended up being the hero of this series. His redemption was well done and now I'm curious to see how he continues to use his new found abilities. If this is truly the end, I'm going to really miss all the characters we've met but I will remember them very fondly( wont start calling names of my faves cause it'll be too long). But will def recommend this book to anyone who just wants to experience a good mystery, magical type series.
Christian Todd
I’ve been reading this series since I was in middle school, now as someone who is in the midst of college, it felt like a series I couldn’t just give up as I grew older. That turned out to be the right decision with this series, as this book wraps things up in a way that truly makes everything worth it. Though it was a little rushed at times (frankly, I prefer that to a book that spends too much time basking in its own importance) the book wrapped up all the plotlines I wanted, and a few that I didn’t know that I wanted.
I absolutely LOVED this series, and dragonwatch is probably bandons best series yet! I would love if there was more to the series, but I feel the story has sadly come to an end. And mr. Mull, if you're reading this, on behalf on many nof your fans, We hope you continue the 5 kingdoms series
When the fablehaven books ended years ago, I was sad to not know what Seth would be up to next. Loved dragonwatch and seeing Seth and Kendra"s adventures continue... And I've loved sharing this books with nieces and nephews... Great job Brandon! I would recommend rereading book four before you start this final book as I didn't and it had been a year since I read it so I was a little confused when I started the book...
I’ve been amazed to watch Seth and Kendra evolve from book to book, series to series. I need to reread some of the previous books, as there are so many twists and turns, promises and betrayals, that I haven’t kept all of it straight, although most of the time there are enough hints to remind me of the basics. Seth goes to some incredibly dark places, and although I was sure Mull wouldn’t leave him there, there were times things seemed hopeless. This book definitely touches on religion more than the others, though mostly it’s just the promise that there is something better after this life. But it also deals with the power of forgiveness, including forgiving yourself. It makes the point that mistakes need not be permanent. Even though Seth was tricked into poor decisions and was largely guiltless, he continued to blame himself and suffer because of it. His is by far the more interesting journey here, although Kendra certainly changes, as well. But Seth has been tangled up in so many promises to so many entities that his life is largely not his own. This is a satisfying end to the series. And although it feels like it could be a “true” end right now, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Seth and Kendra in another adventure. The world Mull created, being a subset of our own world, seems ripe for more opportunities. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys fantasy, although at least teenagers. There are some dark spots that could literally haunt younger children, even if they are accomplished readers. I’m thinking maybe 9th graders and up would be about the right age.