The Atlas Six (Atlas, 1) - book cover
  • Publisher : Tor Books
  • Published : 01 Mar 2022
  • Pages : 384
  • ISBN-10 : 1250854512
  • ISBN-13 : 9781250854513
  • Language : English

The Atlas Six (Atlas, 1)

The much-acclaimed viral sensation from Olivie Blake, The Atlas Six--now newly revised and edited with additional content.

• The tag #theatlassix has millions of views on TikTok
• A dark academic debut fantasy with an established cult following that reads like The Secret History meets The Umbrella Academy
• The first in an explosive trilogy
• Indigo's Top 10 Most Anticipated Sci-Fi & Fantasy Books of 2022
•'s Most Anticipated SFF of 2022

The Alexandrian Society, caretakers of lost knowledge from the greatest civilizations of antiquity, are the foremost secret society of magical academicians in the world. Those who earn a place among the Alexandrians will secure a life of wealth, power, and prestige beyond their wildest dreams, and each decade, only the six most uniquely talented magicians are selected to be considered for initiation.

Enter the latest round of six: Libby Rhodes and Nico de Varona, unwilling halves of an unfathomable whole, who exert uncanny control over every element of physicality. Reina Mori, a naturalist, who can intuit the language of life itself. Parisa Kamali, a telepath who can traverse the depths of the subconscious, navigating worlds inside the human mind. Callum Nova, an empath easily mistaken for a manipulative illusionist, who can influence the intimate workings of a person's inner self. Finally, there is Tristan Caine, who can see through illusions to a new structure of reality―an ability so rare that neither he nor his peers can fully grasp its implications.

When the candidates are recruited by the mysterious Atlas Blakely, they are told they will have one year to qualify for initiation, during which time they will be permitted preliminary access to the Society's archives and judged based on their contributions to various subjects of impossibility: time and space, luck and thought, life and death. Five, they are told, will be initiated. One will be eliminated. The six potential initiates will fight to survive the next year of their lives, and if they can prove themselves to be the best among their rivals, most of them will.

Most of them.

"Lethally smart. Filled with a cast of brilliantly realized characters, each entangled with one another in torturously delicious ways, The Atlas Six will grip you by the throat and refuse to let go. Olivie Blake is a mind-blowing talent."―Chloe Gong, author of the New York Times bestseller These Violent Delights

"The Atlas Six is a fantasy novel that understands that what the people want is more dark academia stories with flawless vibes and aesthetics and hot morally fraudulent characters who are constantly on the verge of either killing each other or fucking each other. I'm the people."―chai, viral book reviewer @proyearner

Readers Top Reviews

D. ReeverThomas T
I started out disliking the book, however I stuck with it, then about a hundred pages later i warmed up to it. After another hundred pages of it dragging on and on I was saying to myself "Can we just get on with it already?" I had this much time invested so I pushed on to the bitter end so to speak. The end was a MAJOR disappointment to me, it left everything hanging which basically "ticked" me off, for want of a better word. Was it the authors intent to hook you in to perhaps buy a sequel, then another and another? I felt like one of the characters hooked on the drug of power and not able to let go. Well, that's not me, I'm done with the book, and have no intention of coming back for more. So, yes I can say "No thank you!".
Rebecca ValleraD.
Wow, this story is amazing, I’ve never read anything like this! A whole cast of characters rather than just one protagonist, and each character was well thought out and unique, I loved them all. And the world-building!! Holy cow the world building. The way magic works in this modern setting... it’s just incredible and engaging. The plot was filled with tension and kept me on the edge of my seat, a real page-turner from beginning to end.
Laurel LoweRebecc
I was put off by the number of reviews that claimed this book to be light on plot or that the plot was packed into the end. I disagree. I found The Atlas Six to be intriguing and most interesting in the detailed, concurrent development of its characters’ individual stories with a surprising, satisfying turn at the end that sets up the next book. I can’t wait to continue the series! Most comparable to The Librarians, The Magicians, The Scholomance from my recent media list, but stands on its own merits.
Lauren SchreyLaur
I haven’t stayed up to read through the night in years but I stayed up until 2am to finish this. This truly is unlike anything else I’ve ever read. The way the author uses magic and science and history is beautiful and nuanced and UNPARALLELED. What truly makes her a master of her craft though is that I finished the book thinking “Who is the actual villian?!” and “Is ANYONE ‘good’?” How Olivie Blake creates People not Characters is her gift. These are people. Their motivations, trauma, and relationships with one another are just so raw and real. You’re not reading a book, you’re entering an Olivie Blake Universe.
Erin SherwinLa
First, this story is absolutely incredible. I found it super hard to put down. The characters are super intriguing and I found myself rooting for one, and then deciding that ‘no, they are not someone I want to root for’ and then rooting for another. It was astounding seeing how your perceptions of all the protagonists changed as the story evolved. However, my fatal flaw is that I want to know how a story ends. I’ve watched hours of terrible B movies, because of this flaw. And this book ends before the story ends. Which rather leaves all my excitement with no place to go. And I’d happily pay for a Part 2 to see how it ends, but I was totally anticipating a climax and denouement and it was just not there. But the story is super exciting and I hope to read an ending some day.