The Cheese Board Deck: 50 Cards for Styling Spreads, Savory and Sweet - book cover
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  • Publisher : Clarkson Potter; Illustrated edition
  • Published : 02 Nov 2021
  • Pages : 52
  • ISBN-10 : 0593233271
  • ISBN-13 : 9780593233276
  • Language : English

The Cheese Board Deck: 50 Cards for Styling Spreads, Savory and Sweet

Elevate your next gathering with this beautiful, helpful card deck that offers 50 creative ideas for styling and presenting food platters for any occasion--no cooking skills required!

Everyone knows the cheese platter gets all the attention at the party, so why not make sure you get all the credit? With ideas for holidays, special days, game days, and every day, expert food stylist Meg Quinn gives you 50 drool-worthy ideas for boards that anyone can assemble at home. Just pick a card, collect and prep the ingredients following the list and tips on the back of the card, then reference the beautiful photograph on the front to arrange an abundant board.

Here are quick-to-make meal boards for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, cheese boards both fancy and for the budget-minded, and even colorful dessert and candy boards. With ingredients lists, tips for swaps, and simple and optional recipes for elevating store-bought goods, you can look forward to styling a BYOHD (Build Your Own Hot Dog) board, an Italian antipasti platter, a vegan board, and so much more!

Editorial Reviews

"This beautiful deck of cards provides ample inspiration for the mom who lives for a good cheese board. The holidays section feels especially festive, with spreads like Charcuter-Tree and Brie Merry. If you want to take things fancy, go for the Plateau de Fromages, a lush, fancy cheese board option that'll dazzle and delight."-Food Network

Readers Top Reviews

Ashley BergerFrances
If you’ve ever wanted to make Instagram worthy cheeseboards, this is what you need!! Choose a board, take the card with you to the store to snag what you need…then, just assemble it all like the picture!! Such a great tool for every host!
John DePaola/Family
I am so excited for this card set! I have followed @ainttooproudtomeg for years and have L😍ved being inspired! Now it is so easy to look at the title on the top of the board, make a decision on what kind of board you want to make snd go shop with your gorgeous card and shopping list. My soon to be DIL loves my boards but never feels like she can do it…. You better believe I bought & already wrapped her present with these cards, charcuterie board and serving knives, spoons etc! Cannot wait to give this to all my people!❤️
Cary A.
Convenient format, straightforward instructions, really cute ideas! I made the burratta board this summer (found on the authors website) and it turned out so great I pre-ordered this deck and have been waiting eagerly for it since July!
Susie G
I've been so excited to get this and even bought a few as gifts. The beautiful photographs really give you a nice look at what the board looks like. I love the fact I don't have to print anything for the ingredients. I can bring the card with me to the store and flip it over at home and put together a beautiful board. I can't wait to make something! Thank you for such a great way to enjoy great food with great company to make some great memories.
diane n
This is a great deck with great ideas and wonderful photos. However, if your a charcuterie newbie looking to get started like myself, I found the basic, charcuterie 101 tips to be lacking. I wanted to know where I could find those cute shaped dishes she uses in so many boards. Also I have no idea where to even find some of the items that I've never heard of, mainly cheeses. I was hoping for some guidance on that stuff but it's really just ingredients and photos for the most part.

Short Excerpt Teaser

Welcome to The Cheese Board Deck, your simple and colorful guide to arranging beautiful, abundant boards. By the way, this deck isn't limited to styling cheese and charcuterie. While you'll find plenty of cards devoted to the more traditional use for a cheese board, you'll also find that you can serve all our favorite foods this way. And once you get started, grazing boards will soon become your go-to meal for every occasion, from lazy nights in to holiday celebrations-and for breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND dessert.

As the daughter of a caterer, I learned from a very young age that people eat with their eyes. My mother taught me the art of presentation and the simple things you can do to make people want to dig in as soon as you set down the food. This deck packs all her wisdom-and more-into 50 fun and inspiring instruction cards.


Think of this deck as your very own food styling school-designed to be a resource and to fuel your creativity. I'll arm you with everything you need to build delicious spreads. On each card, you'll find a photo guide, a shopping list, helpful tips and instructions, and easy (totally optional) recipes. For the recipes, note that the ingredients you will need appear in bold within them.

Take a card to the market for gathering your ingredients, then set it by your side at home as you assemble your board. Copy these boards exactly if you want, or use these food styling techniques and recommendations to build out boards of your own design.