The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1) - book cover
Fairy Tales, Folk Tales & Myths
  • Publisher : Disney-Hyperion; 1st edition
  • Published : 01 Apr 2006
  • Pages : 416
  • ISBN-10 : 0786838655
  • ISBN-13 : 9780786838653
  • Language : English

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book 1)

Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Book One: Lightning Thief, The

Editorial Reviews

"Packed with humorous allusions to Greek mythology . . . along with rip-snorting action sequences, this book really shines." --Horn Book Magazine

"[A] riotously paced quest tale of heroism that questions the realities of our world, family, friendship and loyalty." --Kirkus Reviews, starred review

Readers Top Reviews

Elizabeth WhitedJonL
While this book is intended for a younger set, I, an older set, still enjoyed the adventures of the accused lightning thief, Percy Jackson. This tale was interesting, convoluted and moved along at an enjoyable pace. One learns quite a bit about the Greek and Roman Gods as the pages are perused and you try to puzzle out how he is going to get out of the predicament he currently was in only to end up in one after another. It was a nice read.
Madison T. Edwards
This was a book that my son was eager to read. This was a required reading for 5th grade and he finished it pretty quickly. This is the beginning of the series and Percy Jackson is a very interesting book. I love that it's good for all ages, I enjoyed it as well. Twelve-year-old Percy Jackson is on the most dangerous quest of his life. With the help of a satyr and a daughter of Athena, Percy must journey across the United States to catch a thief who has stolen the original weapon of mass destruction — Zeus’ master bolt. Along the way, he must face a host of mythological enemies determined to stop him. Most of all, he must come to terms with a father he has never known, and an Oracle that has warned him of betrayal by a friend.
The Lightning Thief is the first book in the Percy Jackson series. It is fast paced, well-written, and full of loveable, believable characters -- even if they are children of gods. This whole series is an excellent read for anyone, and a choice pick for parents who are looking for exciting, fun, clean books for both boys and girls to read. As a school librarian, I could rarely keep this book on the shelf more than half a day. As a grandparent, I've gifted it to the grandkids, and even given copies to adult friends. It is one of those rare finds these days: a truly well-written, good book with a universal theme that still manages to be fresh.
Michael PiccirilloSA
I recently purchased 12 Percy Jackson softcover books for my 6th grade classroom of students of special needs. I am unhappy with the way my books were packaged. It was packaged in a smaller box which made some of my books bent and ripped. I do not feel it’s right to give my students “new” books if they’re already ripped and bent
My 10 year old son has read everything by Rick Riordan and absolutely LOVES the series. These books are good enough to tear him away from his iPod and keep him waiting by the mailbox for the next book to arrive! Now I'm reading them too, and we have dinner conversation about Greek mythology and American history. Recommended for any young person learning the joy of books!

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