All Boys Aren't Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto - book cover
  • Publisher : Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR); Illustrated edition
  • Published : 28 Apr 2020
  • Pages : 320
  • ISBN-10 : 0374312710
  • ISBN-13 : 9780374312718
  • Language : English

All Boys Aren't Blue: A Memoir-Manifesto

A New York Times Bestseller!
Optioned for television by Gabrielle Union

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In a series of personal essays, prominent journalist and LGBTQIA+ activist George M. Johnson explores his childhood, adolescence, and college years in New Jersey and Virginia. From the memories of getting his teeth kicked out by bullies at age five, to flea marketing with his loving grandmother, to his first sexual relationships, this young-adult memoir weaves together the trials and triumphs faced by Black queer boys.

Both a primer for teens eager to be allies as well as a reassuring testimony for young queer men of color, All Boys Aren't Blue covers topics such as gender identity, toxic masculinity, brotherhood, family, structural marginalization, consent, and Black joy. Johnson's emotionally frank style of writing will appeal directly to young adults.

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A New York Times Bestseller!
Optioned for television by Gabrielle Union

Featured on Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, Today Show, MSNBC and Fox Soul
Velshi Banned Book Club

Amazon Best Book of the Year
CNN Summer Read Pick
Teen Vogue Recommended Read
Buzzfeed Recommended Read
People Magazine Best Book of the Summer
An Indie Bestseller
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A New York Library Best Book of 2020
A Chicago Public Library Best Book of 2020
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"An exuberant, unapologetic memoir infused with a deep but cleareyed love for its subjects." ―The New York Times

"This title opens new doors, as the author insists that we don't have to anchor stories such as his to tragic ends: 'Many of us are still here. Still living and waiting for our stories to be told―to tell them ourselves.' A critical, captivating, merciful mirror for growing up black and queer today."
Kirkus Reviews, starred review

"An absolute necessity . . . the personal stories and the healing and reconciliation of self in this title are all undeniably honest and relatable―a reminder of our shared imperfection and humanity." ―Booklist

"The conversational tone will leave readers feeling like they are sitting with an insightful friend . . . This young adult memoir is a contemporary hallmark of the blossoming genre. Johnson anchors the text with encouragement and realistic guidance for queer Black youth." ―School Library Journal

"Johnson's debut is a collection of heartfelt personal essays revolving around themes of identity and family . . . In a publishing landscape in need of queer black voices, readers who are sorting through similar concepts will be grateful to join him on the journey." ―Publishers Weekly

"Powerful . . . Johnson's book is geared toward young adults―a market that needs this level of realness about everything from finding and harboring joy to bullying to navigating queerness. All Boys Aren't Blue is a game changer." -Bitch Magazine

"A personal examination of what it's like to grow up as a black and queer young man . . . a can't-miss collection." -POPSUGAR

Readers Top Reviews

Anish JalabhayNow
Very inspiring, honest and personal memoir. As a gay man myself in my late 20s, I can fully relate to his experiences in “coming out” and how difficult it always is. It’s interesting to see through an American perspective although just shows how the desire to live our truths is universal. Highly recommend this book! Brilliant well-written memoir!
An Avid ReaderAll
This is NOT young adult fiction. It is PORN written in the “familiar” tone of YA. I find the descriptions in this book absolutely filthy, especially given the proposed audience for this text and the fact that it has been made available in elementary, middle school, and high school libraries across the country. What in the world is going on? If an adult chooses to read this text, that is an informed choice. However, to market this kind of pornography to unsuspecting, impressionable, not-yet-fully-developed CHILDREN is unconscionable. What have we become as a society if we allow this constant grooming and sexualization of our children to occur? Anyone who thinks this is book is sound reading for a child needs their head examined. A 100% thumbs down for this one!👎👎
Fina JuliannaFina
Tw: sexual assault, loss, molestation, loss of virginity, homophobia, racism, and anti-Blackness I give this memoir-manifesto 5/5🌟 The audiobook was Amazing! This book had me on a roller coaster. Had my heart a couple time during those traumatic events and during losing his virginity twice. I just don’t understand how you do something so vile that you think there’s nothing wrong about it?? Like are you serious. And don’t get me started with your American History teacher👏🏾😡 what thought process was he was living in? Saying if he was living in those tones back then, he would have slaves too. Then say “let’s move on” when he doesn’t like the rebuttals. The inner me would’ve spoke my mind and all hell would’ve broke lose. This book spoke to me every time I come across a line where someone would ask “Are you gay?” and I ALWAYS say No. I too haven’t had someone I could go to and reveal my truth. I always thought I was a freak or doing something wrong ever since my mama wanted to take me to the Pastor (8 years ago, 17 years old). Although I’m confident in saying I’m a lesbian and I love women, I still have to work on loving myself and self esteem. Yes I can be happy and joyful on the outside, but on the inside, under construction. I love the family rep. Family have your back no matter what. Esp when they dare someone to try you, so they can shut them down.👏🏾👏🏾 With establishing masculinity, I love that he (George) went in CHASING masculinity in his fraternity, but in the end, he just had to be himself, his FULL TRUTH 👏🏾😭🌈 “The thing you are trying to hide is usually what you give off the most.” ; “That day was the day I realized I couldn’t escape the person I was, because I was going to be me whether I acknowledged it or not.” -George M. Johnson
Dave Weinercarol
This book is inappropriate for children due to the graphic content.

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