Blame It on the Mistletoe: Tweet Cute meets The Holiday - book cover
  • Publisher : Sourcebooks Fire
  • Published : 02 Nov 2021
  • Pages : 368
  • ISBN-10 : 1728248973
  • ISBN-13 : 9781728248974
  • Language : English

Blame It on the Mistletoe: Tweet Cute meets The Holiday

Tweet Cute meets the movie The Holiday in this funny holiday rom-com where two very different girls swap lives for a Christmas adventure.

Elle is a social medial star with the #DreamLife...or so it seems. Determined to shake up her content and gain new followers, she's on a mission: can she find a British fan to swap with for Christmas?

Holly loves everything about Christmas. But after a mortifying mistletoe disaster with her ex, her perfect plans unravel like a bad Christmas sweater. Can Holly save the holidays when she switches places with favorite social media influencer?

Elle gets more than she bargained for when she meets the cute boy from across the street. And Holly wasn't expecting Elle to have a handsome twin brother. This holiday is full of surprises.

Editorial Reviews

"A unique and 'Christmassy' take on the classic switching places trope... a cute, fun, and festive Christmas read that I highly recommend adding to your December TBR list." ― The Nerd Daily

"Laugh-out-loud funny...A festive story that shows that in the end it's friends, not followers, who count." ― Kirkus Reviews

"[An] entertaining rom-com...Garrod provides holiday festivities galore―pantomime, costume parties, Christmas jumpers, snow―as well as social media skullduggery, surprises, and secrets." ― Publishers Weekly

Readers Top Reviews

Monica Khan
Initial Thoughts I love a holiday read. I was super excited to receive an early copy of this book for review. This story sounded super fun. Some Things I Liked Social media as a theme. As a bookstagrammer, I loved the elements of the familiar with Elle's social media platform. I also loved the lesson she learned throughout the story about enjoying the experience and not the picture she could post about it. References and monologues. I loved both Elle and Holly's inner monologues. They were so funny. Sometimes I feel a bit of an age issue when I read first person YA narration in contemporary books but I didn't feel that here. Basically, I wasn't saying "oh god, I feel so old" while reading this and I loved that. One Things I Wasn't Crazy About At times the story was too far fetched. Obviously, this is fiction, but it's contemporary fiction so the story should be remotely plausible. I feel like a lot of the story operated on assumptions and conversations that took place off the page so it was hard to really feel like it all made sense. Series Value I don't really think we need a series here. This was a one time experiment but I did enjoy these characters. I would read more from this author and I'd probably read a spin off about other characters we met in this story. Final Thoughts I wanted to like this more but I found the lack of believability to be a bit hard to deal with. Similarly, Holly was a bit immature (which is totally fine because this is YA), but, I felt like this only added to the unbelievable factor of the events. ⭐️⭐️⭐️
Catherine De Los San
This book gave me all the feels. I’m ready to whip out my Christmas tree and throw tinsel around the room and dance like its Christmas day and I got everything I ever wanted singing Mariah Carey’s “All II Want for Christmas is You at the top of my lungs not holding out on the high notes. It was BRILLIANT. Thank you to Netgalley, SOURCEBOOKS Fire and Beth Garrod for sharing this book with me to give my honest opinion and honestly, I LOVED IT!!! We meet both Elle and Holly who couldn’t be more different from one another, but each has something to share with the other. Elle is an internet influencer who is trying to gain more followers by making a holiday switch for Christmas. She’s going to go to England to spend Christmas while someone from England will go to America to take her place. Holly is a serious Christmas enthusiast, but things aren’t going as planned at her house so when this opportunity arose, she couldn’t help but jump on it. Holly meeting Elle’s family was great, I really enjoyed her interactions with them, the challenges, and adventures she bought on herself with her “Perfect Christmas =” Checkoff lists, she loves her list. I enjoyed seeing through her eyes the snow and wonder of New York for the first time. It’s all very magical especially if you go with the right people. Elle on the other hand is meeting all of Holly’s family and her friends too. They really help her go through all her checklists for Christmas in England to try and gain more followers. Through all her adventures Elle realizes some things about herself and her family. I can’t really say much because I want you to read this and feel the magic of Christmas as well. But it’s worth it. Realizing that your life really wasn’t they way you thought it should be. Sometimes being real is more important than having a “perfect” life. I absolutely cannot give this book any more love because it was a really great book and bought me into the season. I would buy this as a Christmas gift for friends. Love Elle and Holly’s adventures, and I’m not going to lie I can completely see this on a platform like Netflix. Adorable and so very realistic.