A Little Closer to Home: How I Found the Calm After the Storm - book cover
Death & Grief
  • Publisher : Hyperion Avenue
  • Published : 11 Jan 2022
  • Pages : 288
  • ISBN-10 : 1368042007
  • ISBN-13 : 9781368042000
  • Language : English

A Little Closer to Home: How I Found the Calm After the Storm

In Ginger Zee's follow-up to the bestselling Natural Disaster, the ABC chief meteorologist takes readers on a much deeper journey of self discovery.
When Ginger Zee opened her life to readers in Natural Disaster, the response was enormous. She put a very relatable if surprising face on depression and has helped lessen the stigma surrounding mental health issues. But Ginger tells us, Natural Disaster was "Ginger Lite" and only scratched the surface.

In this moving follow-up, Ginger shares her truest self. She spent most of her life shielding her vulnerabilities from the world all while being a professional people pleaser. Her stormy childhood, her ongoing struggles with crippling depression, her suicide attempts, and many other life experiences will resonate with readers who are likely to see themselves along the way.

In spite of its serious subject matter, Ginger's positive, life-affirming outlook comes through loud and clear. Written with great heart and quite a bit of humor, Ginger normalizes issues and challenges millions of people face every day. A Little Closer to Home will broaden the conversation around mental health at a time we need it more than ever.

Editorial Reviews

Praise for Natural DisasterReaders may recognize Zee from Good Morning America or Dancing with the Stars. She first fell in love with weather while watching storms over Lake Michigan, later deciding to be a meteorologist and pursuing her goal with intense drive. Though much of her memoir has a light tone, Zee also discusses her struggles with mental health and an abusive relationship. With writing that's approachable and reader-focused, occasionally dipping into meta commentary, Zee gives readers a behind-the-scenes tour of life as a network meteorologist. Natural Disaster chronicles Zee's hard work in all areas of her life and her ability to find the eye of any storm. ―Booklist

Readers Top Reviews

Chris YandleTracey
I’ve long been a fan of Ginger Zee, the meteorologist, but after reading this book, I’m an even bigger fan of Ginger as a person. As someone who has also battled depression, suicidal ideation and my own mental health struggles, reading her words helped me better understand the power of coping with my depression and things I can do to help heal as I grow older.
Reggie Aqui
Welcome to flight Ginger. Her childhood: A real bumpy takeoff. Her adulthood: Lots of turbulence. The good news...this horrifying route through the unfriendly skies of suicide attempts, abortion and sexual trauma comes with a seat belt. The information is hard to read but also comforting because you get on board knowing she (and you) will get to the destination in one piece. Ginger Zee is remarkably talented...anyone who watches her on TV every day already knows this. What you may not know is that her greatest *hidden* talent is getting us to have a tough conversation about mental health. As she explains in this book, it wasn't until she was willing to confront her past that she was truly able to grow. The ride Ginger takes us on is clever because, by the end, it's impossible not to question what we ourselves are hiding from others. It's hard not to ask, "What from our past is holding us back?". By the end, she gives us a soft landing. You leave, not sad...but truly curious where you could fly if you are bold enough to take off---heavy baggage and all. Highly recommend.
Terri DeBoer
As one of America’s most recognizable women, it might be tempting to assume Ginger Zee’s road to success has been “easy street”. Nothing could be further from the truth. While Ginger worked tirelessly to achieve her professional goals, her personal life was filled with deep pain and tremendous challenges. In her first book, Natural Disaster, Ginger candidly revealed her battle with substance abuse, an abusive relationship and mental health issues, including attempted suicides. Due to her willingness to openly discuss these deeply personal struggles, countless Americans reached out to get help for their own challenges. “A Little Closer To Home” is an even deeper dive into Ginger’s personal agony, including tremendous loss and grief. While human nature tempts us to hide or cover up the “less than perfect” parts of our life story, Ginger’s courageous honesty will be life-saving; especially for women, who may feel as though they have been hiding their own tragic secrets. I am blessed to count Ginger as a dear friend, and have admired her strength and courage for nearly two decades. The soul-baring honesty detailed in the pages of “A Little Closer To Home” chronicles Ginger’s real bravery, which I highly recommend as a “must read”, especially for young women who are navigating life’s difficult journey through relationships and self-discovery.

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