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  • Publisher : Viking
  • Published : 12 Oct 2021
  • Pages : 464
  • ISBN-10 : 0593299213
  • ISBN-13 : 9780593299210
  • Language : English

The Daily Laws: 366 Meditations on Power, Seduction, Mastery, Strategy, and Human Nature

From the world’s foremost expert on power and strategy comes a daily devotional designed to help you seize your destiny.

Robert Greene, the #1 New York Times bestselling author, has been the consigliere to millions for more than two decades. Now, with entries that are drawn from his five books, plus never-before-published works, The Daily Laws offers a page of refined and concise wisdom for each day of the year, in an easy-to-digest lesson that will only take a few minutes to absorb. Each day features a Daily Law as well—a prescription that readers cannot afford to ignore in the battle of life. Each month centers around a major theme: power, seduction, persuasion, strategy, human nature, toxic people, self-control, mastery, psychology, leadership, adversity, or creativity.
Who doesn’t want to be more powerful? More in control? The best at what they do? The secret: Read this book every day.
“Daily study,” Leo Tolstoy wrote in 1884, is “necessary for all people.” More than just an introduction for new fans, this book is a Rosetta stone for internalizing the many lessons that fill Greene’s books and will reward a lifetime of reading and rereading.

Readers Top Reviews

ashley slomanson
My husband and I both have read all of his daily meditations and they are practical, so true and worth reading again.
John Whitfield
This is a wonderful treat for fans of Robert’s work. My copies of his books are highlighted and earmarked. This daily reader is like all those notes collected into one place for easy reading! I’m so happy that he continues to produce despite his health trouble. Here’s to hoping it’s the first of many more books to come.
Kent A. Sanders
I've been a huge fan of Robert Greene's ever since his first book, The 48 Laws of Power. He tells it like it is and helps us understand how people really work. I was thrilled to discover his new book, which takes snippets from his previous books (as well as his upcoming book) and presents them in a short daily format. This is an excellent way to discover the genius of Robert Greene. Can't recommend the book highly enough! Kent Sanders Ghostwriter & Host of The Daily Writer Podcast
I can remember finishing out of high school a few year back I joined this “get rich quick” scheme and me being naive felled for it. I’ve explained what this scheme was all about to an older relative of mine(still clueless). Then he considered me to read the 48 laws of power by Robert and I did. And my god! It was as if you unplugged from The Matrix. Understanding how I’ve been played by friends and even family(they run a business) and the current jobs I had, and able to see it in the media or Television. It suddenly becomes second nature. Definitely change the way I see things. Currently reading The Boy Crisis and thinking of how many of these “purposeless boys” that’s a global problem can benefit so much from Robert work. I’m gen z and I lay in that spectrum. No father, no guidance, instead left in the dust. I once thought of opting myself out of this world before I came across his work. Robert gave me purpose and hope especially after reading Mastery,33 SOW etc. Much respect to this Man. Best advice I’ve ever gotten from him”Remember: You are your own father. Do not let yourself spend years creating yourself only to let your guard down and allow ghost of the past…in the game of power there is never time to rest.”
I was introduced to Robert by a friend years ago and first of all to those that don’t know him, Robert is the kindest person I know. This book like all his other books come with dosage of wisdom that you as a reader will only appreciate to fullest if you meet these criteria: 1. You deal with people 2. You deal with reality 3. You accept that life is full of randomness 4. You know that people reveal their true self in worst situations 5. Dynamics of interaction change when you involve money, women, and power. Remember being on top means you have to know the game and how to play the game, else you will be played. This is a great book with all his other books. I also recommend you guys read, The Servant. If you want to take your game a notch up. Last but not least, after reading all of Robert's work and having personally met him here's one of my biggest takeaway: Be Silent. Silence is GOLD. The less you talk the less people know about you the more you know about them. And the more of an edge you can get over them. This is so true in an environment where everyone is looking to one-up!

Short Excerpt Teaser

January 4th It Is Already Within You

Sooner or later something seems to call us onto a particular path.

You may remember this something as a signal calling in childhood when an urge out of nowhere, a fascination, a peculiar turn of events struck like an annunciation: This is what I must do, this is what I've got to have. This is who I am. --James Hillman

As you become more sophisticated, you often lose touch with these signals from your primal core. They can be buried beneath all of the other subjects you have studied. Your power and future can depend on reconnecting with this core and returning to your origins. You must dig for signs of such inclinations in your earliest years. Look for its traces in visceral reactions to something simple; a desire to repeat an activity that you never tired of; a subject that stimulated an unusual degree of curiosity; feelings of power attached to particular actions. It is already there within you. You have nothing to create; you merely need to dig and refine what has been buried inside of you all along. If you reconnect with this core at any age, some element of that primitive attraction will spark back to life, indicating a path that can ultimately become your Life's Task.

Daily Law: Ask someone who recalls your childhood what they remember about your interests. Get reacquainted with those early passions. (Mastery, I: Discover Your Calling-The Life's Task)

April 30th – Never Appear Too Perfect

It takes great talent and skill to conceal one's talent and skill. --François De La Rochefoucauld
Sir Walter Raleigh was one of the most brilliant men at the court of Queen Elizabeth of England. He had skills as a scientist, wrote poetry still recognized as among the most beautiful writing of the time, was a proven leader of men, an enterprising entrepreneur, a great sea captain, and on top of all this was a handsome, dashing courtier charmed his way into becoming one of the queen's favorites. Wherever he went, however, people blocked his path. Eventually he suffered a terrific fall from grace, leading even to prison and finally the executioner's axe. Raleigh could not understand the stubborn opposition he faced from the other courtiers. He did not see that he had not only made no attempt to disguise the degree of his skills and qualities, but he had imposed them on one and all, making a show of his versatility, thinking it impressed people and won him friends. In fact it made him silent enemies, people who felt inferior to him and did all they could to ruin him the moment he tripped up or made the slightest mistake. In the end, the reason he was executed was treason, but envy will use any cover it finds to mask its destructiveness.
Daily Law: Appearing better than others is always dangerous, but most dangerous of all is to appear to have no faults or weaknesses. Envy creates silent enemies. Defuse it by occasionally downplaying your virtues. (The 48 Laws of Power, Law 46: Never Appear Too Perfect)

June 19th – Make Others Come To You

Filippo Brunelleschi, the great Renaissance artist and architect, was a great practitioner of the art of making others come to him as a sign of his power. On one occasion he had been engaged to repair the dome of the Santa Maria del Fiore cathedral in Florence. The commission was important and prestigious. But when the city officials hired a second man, Lorenzo Ghiberti, to work with Brunelleschi, the great artist brooded in secret. He knew that Ghiberti had gotten the job through his connections, and that he would do none of the work and get half the credit. At a critical moment of the construction, then, Brunelleschi suddenly developed a mysterious illness. He had to stop work, but pointed out to city officials that they had hired Ghiberti, who should have been able to continue the work on his own. Soon it became clear that Ghiberti was useless and the officials came begging to Brunelleschi. He ignored them, insisting that Ghiberti should finish the project, until finally they realized the problem: they fired Ghiberti. By some miracle, Brunelleschi recovered within days. He did not have to throw a tantrum or make a fool of himself; he simply practiced the art of making others come to you.

Daily Law: If on one occasion you make it a point of dignity that others must come to you and you succeed, they will continue to do so even after you stop trying.  (The 48 Laws of Power, Law 8: Make Other People Come to You-Use Bait if Necessary)

October 11 – Beware the Fragile Ego

Of all the human emotions, none is uglier or more elusive than envy, the sensation that others...